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I can't remember the documentry, it was a few years ago (will look into it and post), but they showed a computer generated sky as to when the Sphinx would line up with the astrological sign Leo... for which it was built. That placed the actual construction of the Sphinx to be well over 10,000 years ago, during the age of Leo. They also took into the consideration the erosion timeline on the body of the Sphinx and placed the building of it in the same time as the star alignment. Note how small the head of the Sphinx is compared to the body as well as that there is no water erosion anywhere on the head. It is my belief that the original head of the Sphinx was relative to the body size and was originally the head of a lion, making the entirety of the Sphinx a temple of the age of Leo. Recently also, they've discovered more passages and chambers beneath the Temple of the Sphinx that would indicate the ancient uses of it. I'm not sure exactly what that is at the moment, because I haven't fully looked into it, but it's always been my belief that the actual construction of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids occurred many thousands of years prior to what Egyptologists believe.

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Very interesting links..., Dana.
Thank you!

Great pics and links Dana. Earlier I also thought that it was a loin, but later i found out that it was originally supposed to be the jackal God Anubis .... i read it on some egyptologist's site ... He had put forth few very valid statements and came to that conclusion ... i don't remember his name though ...
Popped into my mind as I awoke this morning. Would it be possible to use the KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY method to view what the SPHINX HEAD may have been previously??

BIG task I know!
wow amazing photography!! this spinx is exactly what I saw one night in a dream vision.. even the long , extended paws


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