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The above title is the heading to one of the chapters in "The Meadow" novel. There has been quite a few articles and blogs written about this story but none, so far, appear to have concentrated on the animal which accompanies our two protagonists throughout the centuries as they return to the earth plane to 'live' out an existence which appears to have been some kind of Cosmic plan in which mankind would benefit.

However, the outcome was never certain because of the polarities which exists in our physical world, ensuring that fate could never take the upper hand. Not only is this a tale about undying love, but also it is a battle between light and dark, good and evil where nothing is certain until the final outcome. Without the role of the animal soul, this story could never have reached a satisfactory conclusion. It began its earthly task before history records began in ancient Mexica, a region in South America of which Mexico is now a part. He is a magnificent black stallion by the name of Spethla and is the root soul for five animals which are to follow his example as the final incarnation reaches the 21st Century.

May I request that you look in at my Blog Page at Wordpress to further understand this story which may help you to unravel a mystery which began so long ago. You will have to read the book of course to fully satisfy your curiosity and it is my expressed wish that you bring this novel to the attention of your local library. I'm supporting not only the preservation of the hardback, but also the survival of the libraries which are under threat of closure due to so many governmental cuts around the world.

May I present to you A MAN AND HIS HORSE. Please click on the title.


The book can be purchased from Amazon and borrowed from a few libraries around the world.



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