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Recently here on SOE, our voluntary administrator Tony, has asked members to keep the Blog area free of Channelings, Articles of Interest and other entries that should be in the Discussion index, go to the forum for areas of interest etc. New people to the site in particular might need reminding about this 'user friendly' 'rule'. This is already happening, politely as it should, and i applaud it. I will be monitoring the Blogs myself from now on. Love and Light all.

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Thank you Patrick, yes indeed, a link is provided for every new member when they join, they are advised to follow it.

Not to mention the a-z index where members are promted to post a link to me if they wish it added to an index for future reference by all. I indeed wish to revamp this gorep, thows who show interest in maintaining Soe will be given priveledges (where ning facilitates this) to help build/maintain this site for all to enjoy


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