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Brown Tourmatine [Astrological Sign of Aries] [Also Known as Dravide] Brown tourmatine can be used to clear die aura and to stimulate the auric body to
atign the energy of die optimum self to me physical body; it does not provide for die
aUgnment, as such, but opens the patiiway to facUitate die alignment.
It is a protective stone on the subtle levels, bringing the presence of the Earth to the
peace of die higher-self.
It can also be used in die treatment of disorders of die intestinal tract, and to reduce
spots on the skin. It has been used to stimulate the growth of plants.Brown Tourmaline (Dravide) is an excellent grounding stone, clearing
and opening the earth chakra and the grounding cord* holding the
physical body in incarnation. It clears the aura, aligns the etheric bodyand protects it. Encouraging community spirit
and social commitment, Brown Tourmaline
makes one feel comfortable in a large
group.This stone heals dysfunctional
family relationships and strengthens
empathy. Brown Tourmaline
is pragmatic and promotes creativity.
In healing, Brown Tourmaline treats intestinal
disorders and skin diseases, and stimulates
regeneration in the whole body

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