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Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience. Friday night when I had just laid down in bed I could feel something poking the bottom of my foot ,I just figured that maybe it was a fly   ,LOL ,even tho I know flies don't poke.   Now my cat ,Missy was laying on a pillow side of me when I could feel her shaking her head and then she batted something with her paw ,I still just thought maybe it was a fly.Then I looked at her I saw something that was pure black in color flying upward toward the ceiling and just disappeared.Here is a pic I created of what I saw. It looked like a human figure with wings,abt 3 or 4 inches longAny thoughts on what it could have been?

 I had just relocated my large drum to the second floor ,it had been in my bedroom ,5 years ago this drum was going to be awakened in a Native American way but before the ceremony a young Wiccan girl asked me I she could do a blessing over it and I said yes ,then during the Native ceremony I noticed that instead of native spirits coming in as they always did Fairies came. I was very surprised but knew that she had unknowingly awaken the drum to  Wiccan guardians .This was fine with me as my drum had a wonderful energy field around it and I had painted it with a stand of white Birch trees with the drum core as the trees leafs .I got the feeling after I posted this that this was a female fairy just don't know why she was solid black in color.My youngest son thought it was some being as seen in the  Mothman movie  but I don't think so as I always viewed them as male energy's .

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