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Did you know that Ascension can be defined simply as raising one’s frequency
of thought and emotion. When limiting frequencies are 
removed from the psyche, higher frequencies of thought 
can flow through a person’s mind, and higher states
 of emotion flow through the body.

As more and more people in the world raise their frequencies
 of thought and emotion, the rest of the planet is uplifted.
When every person on the planet is thinking and acting 
from a place of inner clarity, love, compassion, integrity and giving,
 we will be able to consider our society and ourselves “ascended.”

to download the Self Clearing System 
and free your mind from limitations.

Such a planetary transformation will require each of us
 to "clean up" our unresolved emotions and limiting thought patterns.

Go and get the free MP3 downloads at

Love & light to you

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Resonate with this attitude and we the peace of being.....Blessings


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