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Beginners Mind Meditation: Change Your Perspective - Change Your World By Steve Nobel

This meditation is about opening the mind to see and experience a different world than you are use to, for the world you see and experience is more fluid in nature than you realise. Some things you thought were true may no longer seem so. Some things that seemed improbable may seem more probable.

Now is the time to allow your innermost truth to reveal more of the beauty, joy, and magic of this world...and to experience being in alignment with the Creator's magic flow in you.

Practicing the beginner’s mind is about putting aside any preconceived ideas. When you let go of the ‘I know’ stance, this allows the space for something new to emerge.

The beginner’s mind recognizes that the intellectual thinking mind has its limits. When the intellectual mind is given a well-deserved rest, new ways of thinking and relating can arise.

The beginner’s mind is a place of adventure, play and discovery. It is also a place of innocence and great wisdom. When we adopt the beginners mind then the world around us will seem to magically shift.

Video - "Beginners Mind Meditation: Change Your Perspective - Change Your World" By Steve Nobel -


New Moon Meditation With Angels By Melanie Beckler

The New Moon is a powerful time of renewal and new beginnings. Its the beginning of a new cycle and is the perfect opportunity to cleanse and recharge your energy so you can manifest the highest and best possibilities as you prepare to step into the new and divine flow of the magic of life.

This  New Moon Meditation is Divinely designed to listen to amidst the New Moon energy, or any time you’re wanting to clear your mind, replenish your energy and elevate the vibration of your physical body and etheric energy with light.

Channeled by Melanie Beckler with Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel connect in this Divine light transmission to renew your energy and bless your entire being with Golden Light.

Set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus/ Sanaya Roman

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Video - "New Moon Meditation With Angels" -

Embracing The Flow Meditation: Align With Universal Intelligence By Steve Nobel

In this meditation we evoke anything that is not divine flow from your past, and then release and upgrade all energies therein. We also invoke your Infinite-Multidimensional Self to evoke a greater sense of flow in your being and in your reality.

Flow is a psychological and energetic state whereby we feel at one with our core essence and at one with the Universe. This is a state of total absorption that many creative-artists know. Creative projects including painting a picture, dancing, writing a book/blog and starting or building a business.

Many athletes also know about flow though they call it the Zone – a psychological space where mind and body work in perfect sync and movements seem to flow without conscious effort.

The Zone is the ability to perform effortlessly at your highest level in whatever domain of life you wish to enhance, and is not a phenomenon exclusive to art or sports.

Effortless being and doing is a spiritual principle from Taoist philosophy that encourages pausing and resting from needless action and going with the flow.

Effortless being and doing is like flowing water – it can flow around obstacles to where it needs to go. Effortless being and doing does not seek to ‘push the river’. Effortless being and doing is about going with the flow.

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Video - "Embracing The Flow Meditation - Align With Universal Intelligence"


Judy Satori's Ultra Light Rose Frequency Meditation

Judy shares the new energy transmissions of platinum-silver Ultralight frequencies to activate the radiance of your soul self to shine through your physical human self.

Shine your soul’s light! You will begin to glow with an inner light that is truly beautiful.

To enjoy additional transmissions by Judy, click on this link:

Video - "Judy Satori's UltraLight Rose Frequency Transmission" -


Pleiadian Broadcast & Message Through Christine Day

Beloved Ones we greet you,  There is much to be revealed to you this month. As you choose to reconnect within the vastness of your own Heart, understanding and clarity will be given to you. This is your time for the self-empowerment of divine love to be released through you. This love transmits naturally from your Heart into your physical cells, to create a transmutation of your own unique light to nourish your cells.

Your sacred nature embodies love and as you choose to actively engage within your Heart there is a deep metamorphic process that is taking place within your cells. This is your time to take moments to activate this unfolding within you. This is a self-birthing process of you unfolding by reactivating the Love within.

Be willing to let go and allow the changes to unfold within your life. Consciously celebrate and own your life no matter how it appears within the illusion.

Gratitude for what is in your life brings to you receivership of a higher blessing. This is the time for Blessings to be returned to you. Open up and let go celebrating your path and engaging deeply with all that you have created for yourself at this juncture.

Do not regret your experiences that you have created. Simply be a witness to all that you have experienced and now open into all that is about to be revealed to you on your path.

We witness you.


The Pleiadians

Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast October 2019" -


Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,
Steven Hutchinson​

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