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Feeling Your Divine Connection By Ann Albers &

Your Divine Presence

Hi Dear Friends!

We all want to feel connected to the Love that Sources our being. It has been awhile... This week as I sat to channel the newsletter the Presence came through along with a peace so deep and sweet I could barely stay present to type. I wanted to sink into it and feel the bliss. I hope you can feel it too.

Today that Presence speaks to us and I share some very easy ways to feel your connection.

Love you all!

Message From Your Divine Presence .....

Dear Embodiments of my Love,

I am always with you. I am ever present in everything you see and in all you imagine. I am in the car you drive, the bills you pay, the ones you love, and the ones you'd rather avoid. I am the Presence within all things and all beings.

You seek me in sacred spaces, and yet I am found in the mundane. You try to connect with me and yet we remain ever-connected. 

What you are seeking, instead, is an experience of your union with me, for in that experience, there is bliss. When you feel your connection with me you feel a love that is beyond words and explanation. When you sense your connection with me, there is trust that you are cherished, precious, and perfect. You are guided.

I remain inside of you, patiently waiting for your permission to reveal my life, at first in your heart and then in your life, for your lives are a glorious out picturing of the love you allow me to share with you. If your lives are a struggle precious ones, it is only because you forget I am there within you, waiting for you to call forth and direct my love.

Relax. Breathe. Feel my presence of Love stirring in your heart. Breathe again and know that every time you surrender in your breathing to my love, you give me permission to rise up more strongly within you. I have given you free will. I have allowed you to feel me or to ignore me, but I am, nonetheless always present.

What is it you would like to experience? I would like that for you as well. Breathe and feel that experience within the vast pool of consciousness that we are. It already exists within me. Breathe and connect with the feelings you wish for, in the realities you wish for. Allow me then to help you draw this forth into your life.

When you have problems, breathe. Call me forth. Ask me to rise up within you and guide you and solve your problems, and I will send my impulses, and my angels to escort you into a kinder reality.

Dear beloved embodiments of my love, do not cry for a God outside of yourself for I live within you. We are not, and never will be separate. You can allow yourself to surrender and feel your connection with me, or you can deny my love and push the experience of it away, but my love is there, ever-present. It knows no bounds.

Call upon me. Breathe and surrender to my love. You are never alone. You cannot be, for I am always within you, and you are always within me.

I love you. I am you. We are One. 

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Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I love it when I sit to channel and that beautiful presence of Divine love comes through. I've been feeling it more and more these days, not just when I sit and quiet my mind, but anytime I think a loving or grateful thought. I feel the heat of the Divine rising up when I sit in contentment, or gratitude. I felt it the other day when I was cooking with love for my veggies and spices.

I promised myself that this would be the year I turn to God first for all things I would otherwise seek outside of myself. Increasingly I feel that love and it truly is bliss.

I turned to God when my pool needed repairs. I shut my eyes, relaxed in my breathing and said, "God you are my pool, the people that will fix it, the plaster I need, the water that fills it, and me, the one who will swim in it. " Let us all work in harmony together. It was fixed without a hitch. I was bombarded with requests for readings, and had the energy to work overtime.

I stopped worrying completely about who was present in my life and who was not. I've been turning to God for love, comfort, ideas, conversation, etc., and I feel more love in my life both from the other dimensions and from human beings than ever before.

I stopped worrying about my physical challenges and turned to God, trusting in the guidance I receive, and as a result, even with the broken toe, I'm feeling amazing, more energized, and excited about life. I've been guided to modalities that has given me happy brain chemistry and a strong system.

As I go about my life I try to focus on love for all things. I thank my vegetables for nourishing me, the flowers for blooming, the birds for dancing, and the rich green grass for tickling my feet. The more I choose to focus with love on life, the more it loves me.

Ironically, we have been so trained to look for our joy, comfort, wisdom, etc., in the outer world, and yet when we turn inwards, the outer world begins to work so much more gracefully. 

A few less minutes in our outer concerns, and a few more minutes connecting to the source of all life is really all that is needed. You don't even have to formally meditate... you just have to connect to love in some fashion, in the present moment. I promise you... it'll change your life :)

Here are some pointers to connect more easily to the Source

1. Give thanks

Gratitude is one of the most abundant and loving vibrations you can tune into. Truly appreciating life is its variety and miraculous offering of love is a sure way to feel the Presence of love and divinity within you. It raises your vibration, increases your ability to perceive your guidance, and attracts more love into your life in all things.

Set random reminders on your phone and when you hear them, instantly look around and find 3-5 things you are grateful for.

At the end of the day, think of 3-5 things about yourself that you feel grateful for. After all, you are an awesome embodiment of Love. 

2. Pretend everyone and everything is the love of your life

This is a fun game the angels gave me! They once said, while I was parked at a traffic light - "Ann, pretend that stop sign is the love of your life!" I thought they were nuts, but I got into it and gave it a try. "Ooh, you're so handsome, and strong, and confident..." I went on and pretty soon was feeling the same feelings you feel when you're in love. On and off for days they challenged me to view different things and people as "the love of my life." I got the message! The Divine is the love of my life... in all its glorious forms!

If you do this regularly you might just fall "into love" with life... and stay there :) 

3. Quiet the mind and breathe

Until recently I never meditated regularly. However I did sit still looking at nature. It calmed me and made me breathe slowly and deeply. Look at anything you love, or shut your eyes.

Breathe with an intention to feel the Presence of love rising up within you. Imagine waves of love rushing into you and then receding along with the love you are breathing out.

Do this for just a few minutes and you'll feel connection.

It does not take much to feel our connection to the Presence of Love that lives in all of creation. We just have to be a bit intentional and take the time to do it. And ooh, the rewards are many, both in inner and outer life.

Love you all!

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