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Found these Vids on ATS haven't watched them all yet but very interesting stuff. This is what was said In ATS...
Wow I just watched this big presentation he gave and it was amazing. He talks about everything to meditation, to star gates, to worm holes and everthing in between. In the end, he makes it all come together in a theory of what will happen in 2012. Best part is that he doesnt base his beliefs off of Alien contacts, it is all scientifically proven. He knows people that work on black projects that he has contact with. If he is to be believed, there is some AMAZING stuff that we are working on that will blow your mind. I highly suggest watching all 10 of these videos (each one is a segment). He predicts that in 2012 something good will happen I wont tell you what because that would spoil it. There is evidence to support his theory too.

This is the link and these are the Vids.

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Thanks, Mike! Going to watch this later :)


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