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:) Imma become a politician. What about you folks?

CRIME FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please dont be corrupted my the power politicians have. I haven't yet herd of a legit one. Their all pretty much crooks
Yes, politics is a manipulative business. To make it as a successful politician, one would need to be a good liar and a good crook.

I am really good at those thing to be honest. I have decided that if I'm gonna be good at those things, I will do something useful with it. I have promised myself that I will do everything within my power to bring down the system and I plan to do it in the most orderly yet effective way. So I concluded that I will become a part of it and reform it from the inside out.

I'll obviously have to surround myself around people who agree with me, or will at least do what I ask them to. It's a crazy plan xD It gives me some purpose though.

Hopefully Obama will do all that work for me though. If he does, then I'm just gonna become a diplomat or something.


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