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I thought a good start to this group would be describing witch part of Australia we are from, what its like and a bit about our self’s and how we came to be here. I think this will all help us gain a bit of extra knowledge about our fellow Aussie light workers and so become more united in our quest to bring Australia and the rest of the world into ascension.

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greetings, im Oli, and live in a large country village in NSW :0

yeah, i spose being fortunate enough to hang with the 'outcast' crowd in high school (basically the peoples thinking for themselves, cutting off for brews at lunch etc) lead me to experience worlds and realms beyond the comprehension of the average herded sheep, whos biggest realisation seems to come when they find an extra beer or get a new job....?

so yeah plunging the old consciousness into many realms of discovery and squeegeing the third eye lead me to pursue things and concepts outside of the gaze of society......

(i think many people, like myself, resonate with what mike said about school and how it misses the point. its main aim is to polish us up into a system of mind control and function like we are part of the collective hive....working (slaving) for honey to give to the queen(s) at the top...very much a reptilian/draconian system)

i got to the crux of things when a guy named Troi Leonard came over here from Germany, and i was fortunate enough to receive a spirit reading......which is basically him tapping into ones energy and giving a two hour reading on truth, their path, their abilities etc....

i was told i am a shepeherd, i am to lead people on this journey, i am a natural healer (like all people i believe), and it culminated in Troi toning and chanting a prayer which activated a state of bliss for me, white light filling all spaces of my being...i felt truly at home....i wanted to stay there.......but he said i got work to do.

so this allowed me to experience true bliss and to know that it does reside inside of us.....all of us.....and the masses who search for it via external means have simply been misdirected and many are unhappy with these paths(ie. beer drinking, footy, 'chicks' etc), but this is simply what we are told... our truth is held back from us....but is very much returning....

(nearly there), through plunging myself into parallel realms and dimensions, i managed to meet a few nasty ones who hung around to mess with my thoughts etc. shadow creatures or tricksters who play on fear etc..

(this is an epic tale but i encourage all to read it)
so i saw a guy caled Raym, who is a crytal healer and developed crytsl dreaming, where through crystals and visualisations he can guide people to be healed, meet their spirit guides and find out their blue print, thier part in the divine plan unfolding on this earth. All that for 100$!!!!!!

so i saw him, met my angelic spirit guide and she took me off, we flew around the atmosphere as she healed my energy body with pink spheres of light. i asked to see my blue print, and she took me to a garden where id had many wild experiences. another being appeared, wearing a blue cape and had a powerful energy about him. he said he is a Pleidian and proceeded to show me my part in the plan, for the future.

i saw visions of many small ships, invading the planet, and shooting lasers and literally destroying the place. he told me places where love is thin will be targeted. i asked who these beings are who are going to try t do these things (emphasis on try) and he showed me a picture of a tall lanky grey, then behind them a darth vader like guy (Raym said they are the Orions). i asked why these beings have these intentions, and he said they are going to try and do it because they can, to show their power.

so this all sounds pretty epic. heres the fantastic part. i asked him what we can do, hoe i am involved in this. the next vision i saw was myself, standing in the middle of a group of about thirty people. we were all deep in meditation in the garden, Raym was there leading another group. we combined our power together, projected love and made a giant pink or ruby red dome which expanded out from the centre of our group, which served as a dome of protection. the beings were instantly repelled. this is how we come together, project love, through empowerment, step out of fear, and protect ourselves.

after that, the beings left, and i saw myself with agroup of beings i densely forested bushland on ahill, with animals, vegie gardens etc. on a community, which, funnily enough , i have always felt an attraction towards. we came out from the trees as the beings left, and we rejoiced. we had survived. all who vibrate and radiate love are utilizing the highest powers available to us. this is why i beleive love is so important.

Okay, so i told one or two people, i integrated this into myself and started coming to terms with this proposed futre. very different to logarithms, exponential equations, insurance and super annuation.

the world is at stake! i thought to myself. we gotta come together! project love! satrt groups to practice!

and then a few months later, my mate rang me up, and unloaded the reptilian rave, we're gonna get eaten etc. Nibiru is coming etc etc

i was instantly submerged in fear, and felt truly overwhelmed. i was guide to another friend who put it well at the time, and completely changed it for me. he said 'Oh well, thats a pretty cool way to go out hey?'

so this lightened the load. then i put it together.

the media, via movies such as independence day, is putting the idea out there that other races are bad, fear them, and ultimately we must protect ouresleves with violence. Ultimately, this has happend before on earth, along time ago, and the reaction was to become violent. it didnt work. you cant fight fire with fire.

you fight fire with water, the never ending stream of love whcih we can tap into through our hearts, and pour out unconditional love to all, even these wayward beings, who ultimately need healing themselves.

so, thats about it for now....this is the first time ive revelaed this before but i really feel guided to spread it, not to evoke fear, but to spread the word that love truly is the way...fear restricts and controls, but love truly knows no boundaries, and is the most powerful gift we can utilize (for now)......

may the ocean of consciousness spread love all over the planet, so all beings are united in the cosmic flow of love....
g-day i'm shane(AKA MARSDO). I live in NSW down near griffith and leeton in a town called whitton. a dry slow town.i believe in aliens. I am a bit religous but i don't worship god and such. i only believe jesus was real but god and satan is just a trick used by the church to get "MONEY". but i respect those who follow any religon as it is there path they go on.

Gosh, we are a bit slow here arnt we?  Well I am from Queensland, Nambour, a rural township near the sea.

How I came to be here is that My husband & I were In a business for 20 years or so, we sold it to retire in a quiet corner of the world.  Now I find I have my daughter & son living near me and of course I am the BEST baby sitter ever.

My interests are internet marketing, of course Savours of the Earth, clipping my toy poodle, cleaning houses to bring in a little money.  I love art, drawing etc but somehow haven't had the time to practise my skills.  Maybe when I'm old he he.

Come on you shy Aussies, tell us what you're doing!


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