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Ok any information on orgonite can be put here as well as related things. If anyone has any information on what it is, where to get it, what it does or anything else put it here.

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are you talking about organite as in the mineral? (well, mixture of minerals really)

I've always been curious about Orgone, as of yet science hasn't been able to prove or disprove it.
I too wonder if this is being confused with orgone - which was apparently a new and yet unproven form of energy. It was supposed to be good for breaking up chem trails and promoting rainfall. There were various instructions on the net about how to make an orgone generator - which from memory consisted of several long copper pipes set in an epoxy base laden with metal shavings.

Apparently you had to be careful not to touch the copper pipes as it would severely disrupt your bodies natural energy field, and give you severe headaches for up to a few days later.

I nearly made one a few years ago - but there was some arguing going on about that it may have negative effects on the weather (butterfly flaps it's wing in tokyo causes a hurricane in florida type of thing). I guess I felt I didn't understand it enough to be sure it wouldn't have unintended effects. Also, I couldn't afford the copper pipes :-)
Just found the website I was looking at those years ago. It has been updated of course:

He says on the front page he says:

ORGANITE: This is the new word for the basis of Don's creation. It's a mixture of metal filings (in-organic substance) and resin (organic substance) and a crystal. It converts negative orgone energy to positive orgone energy. To be effective over a period of time, it needs to be in earth or running water to cleanse itself of the negative energies it collects.

Thus let there be confusion no more.
That is very interesting indeed - but it sounds like it could be VERY powerful if used say in a group meditation.

It makes me wonder for example regarding Dr Emoto's work - messages from water - where frozen water crystals varied with the intent that was directed at the water. Lovely crystals when loving positive thoughts were directed at it - chaotic harsh crystals when hate or negative thoughts directed at it.

There used to be a group around Canberra that used to do group meditation around the dams - to infuse love into the water and thus help everybody that drank the water. Great idea - not sure if they do it anymore.

Now imagine if such a group used organite to focus their intent - perhaps that could have a dramatic impact on everyone who drank it - raising the consciousness of an entire city! Now how is that for a way to spread the light!

realitycheck said:
... I think an orgone generator is supposed to create perhaps a window to the zero point field, and at that point you have a field of unlimited creativity. That may be why St Germaine was talking about caution, as it magnifies intent. ....
I am gonna order an orgnite pendant and a small one for my cat =)
where would one order orgonite from.....
im ordering one from here:


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