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Hey, I've tried channeling, and I've uncovered a wealth of information. I always believed anyone could do it with meditation and practicing their psychic resonance, but when I got here I've been told that it's fairly rare and uncommon.

So I would like to ask if anyone here has tried channeling, what were the results, what preperations did you take and what kind of techniques did you use?

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MIKE said:
Hi kedain
I haven’t tried channeling for a couple of reasons
First one being I don’t have a clue how to do it lol
Second if channeling exists then there is dark entities out there to and I don’t really want to talk to them much
And third I have enough trouble meditating let alone channeling.
But I would be very interested to here how you do it and whom you channel as well as how you protect yourselves from Dark entities.
Also I would be interested in hearing what information you have channeled

I've always been susceptable to meditation, my brother got me into it when I was ten (he's spiritual, but he shy's away from the Saviors of Earth) and it's worked out very well for me. It'd be completely impossible to achieve sensory deprivation like you're supposed to (especially living with my family :P) so I did the next best thing, I would put on these chunky coverall headphones, close the curtains, light some incense candles, and see where my mind would go for the length of the meditation CD.

That's how I started on channeling, I would meditate for a while, and then I would start a tape recorder.

I do plan on writing down the information in my blog, but at the moment I've got tape cassettes full of dialogue and I need to get it organised in some way. I think I'll start by writing it all down.

To be honest, I never considered channeling dark entities. I probably should have though, I guess I've been lucky. The being/s I've channeled so far claim to have been seeking contact for a while, and have even entered my dreams before.
Hi Mike/Kedain,

I was introduced to channeling by my sister many years ago I remember her saying that she feels the energy of the entity around her and gets a prickly sensation at the back of her neck, if it feels right she channels, she also does protection prays.

I have always been a little scared of channeling for the same reason as Mike. Although now I am starting to channel 'my higher self' or an aspect of me coming from a higher vibration, (or something like that). When i meditate and go into a theta state I ask the questions I need answers to and i feel the response as a truth radiating from my 'heart'. I believe everything comes from intention. I intend only energies of love and light to come i also use the violet flame of St germain as a protection. I am experimenting with the idea of channeling a little more at the moment.

I am a constant dreamer, i feel like i have a second life when i close my eyes are night. I was recently thinking that maybe this constant state of activity in the night is due to the fact that beings/entities (spirit guide, higher self etcc..) are trying to communicate with me and i am not understanding :) if i was to start channeling maybe this second life would stop. I have no control in my dreams and it can be rather exhausting at times.

If I can ask Kedain, what are the beings you are channeling?


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