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THE MANDELBROT/JULIA SET and the Disection of Our Holographic Universe

Mandelbrot Fractal Adventure 1010011010

Gregg Braden - The Holographic Nature of The Universe

My whole scope of awareness within the universe is changed now by understanding this nature, in effect now changing the pattern of the holographic universe. As One we are all a part of this pattern as the effects of awareness are put forth. And so now awakening is a set pattern within the nature of the holographic universe and more awaken.

I love enlightenment haha.

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Oh you are so welcome Simone. I love Gregg Braden too. I just bought the cd set today, The Divine Matrix, and my sister bought Unleashing the Power of the God Code... iPod will be glued to my head for a time lol. Though I'm going to have to read the God Code again I think... it's been a couple of years, but I'm so excited. This aspect of rising consciousness brings out the geek in me lol... love & joy

Simone said:
Thank you Dana, that was beautiful, I loved Gregg Braden's talk... no one is left behind!


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