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Charles Gilchrist's wonderful Six Part (to date) Video series On Sacred Geometry-Re-uploaded

Charles Gilchrist's wonderful Six Part(to date) Video series On Sacred Geometry-Re-uploaded.In uploading the vids i made a boo boo.Instead of being stacked in chronological order top to bottom,you must watch from bottom(Intro vid-then A thru E)to top.L&L&L H88.

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Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatron's Cube

Sacred Geometry 101D: Concentric Circles

Sacred Geometry 101C: The Sacred Languages

Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis

Sacred Geometry 101A: 7 Pennies

Introduction To Sacred Geometry

Vibration Creates Form-David Icke

I know I know... this isn't the picture section :) but this is Charles' work so I thought it appropriate. I keep this as my wall paper on my desktop... He's a funny guy... love his spirit

has anyone seen Cory Header videos on sacred g? He lets you download several geometric pictures and states they can change you psyologically by sleeping on them or perhaps meditating on them. Has anyone tried this - if so, any luck? thanks


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