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Our lovely member Patrick said:
''our rulers and oppressors are powerless before mass peaceful non-compliance'' :):)

Powerful words by Patrick indeed,and I couldn't agree better.
In these hard times,as hardship intensifies more and more,all over the world, I find this discussion
to be very very important . Anger , Chaos ,Riots ect. is usually what many expect.
..It has to do with ,how much we are gonna fall for it, ..wich equals how much we really are informed.
Riots,wars and mess like that,falling under Order out of Chaos tricks,have worked before and are
being expected again.
I know the real importance of these informations will only be realized,if you actually have been living (experiencing) these kinds of events for some time.
For almost two Decades we had this kind of mess i Yugoslavia. .I almost got addicted to teargases:).
...Conditions are created to make you rebel,and when you do they label you as criminal,terrorist ect.
...And who wouldn't fight ''criminals'' and ''terrorists''??? ..and so the game still goes on and on,till
one day we hopefully wake up and see things for what they really are.

....based on my experience,this picture The Non- Comply Dance ,is a magnificent one.
....when we protested peacefully in Yugoslavia,nobody was hurt and our voice was heard.
....when Riots! ..arrests,labeling,more rules,control ect. were made easy.

...........comments appreciated in this important matter. love to you all.

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