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With the engineered global financial crash and its true implications yet to fully work through to daily experience there is not a lot of cheer around for enormous numbers of people this weekend.

I understand that and I understand why for so many 'this life' appears to be simply 'this struggle' to survive another day, week or month. But does it really have to be like that?

We are not our bodies; we are consciousness having an experience through a body hologram that we think is 'us'. It's just a vehicle that allows 'us' to experience this tiny frequency range we call 'the world'. It is not who are, only what we think we are. And when we buy that lie we live the body computer's reality and lose the connection to what we truly are - consciousness ... Infinite Possibility.

Life as 'the struggle' is the realm of the body program, which is part of the Matrix program, and it doesn't have to be our struggle if we can break through the vibrational concrete that enslaves us to the will of the program.

A key to that is to do what the program wouldn't do and doesn't want us to do. Laughing in the face of adversity and laughing in the face of danger and intimidation are two examples of this.

The idea is to keep us in fear so we give our power away to those we believe will protect us from what we fear - 'Give the banks our money - bail them out - save us.' We also need to be kept constantly worrying about the future, in a state of at least low-level depression that eats away our optimism and joy.
What this does is create a dense ('I feel so tight and heavy') vibrational state which further disconnects us from a conscious connection with what we really are - All That Is ... Infinite Possibility.

The more you think limited possibility the more you know you are in the program and not in consciousness, and the energetic density that comes from depression and worry (expressions of fear) lock you into a sense of limited options and choice - limited possibility. It's a cycle and it's vicious.
We need, therefore, to use consciousness to break this cycle of cause-and-effect-effect-and cause. But how?

Well, about this for a start?


Most people don't laugh enough and some hardly at all. Laughter breaks up the density and frees the energy to flow.
. Yes, earth can be a bad place, and one based on suppression and control, but if we can't change everything we don't like overnight (though I know we can once we fully understand reality), at least we can change our relationship to what we don't like.

What a wonderful sound that is of people laughing, the energy that no expression of fear can breach. 'The System' itself fears laughter because it removes its sense of power and authority. If you react to an authority figure with anger and hostility you are to a large extent playing in their stadium.

Ideally, they want unquestioned obedience, but they'll settle for anger as a second best because the game is still playing out on their territory.

'The System' is ridiculous and we need to stop taking it and ourselves anything like so seriously. It is the major change of perception that will set us free. Yes, we need to know how we are controlled, why and by whom or what. But the way we respond to that decides if we remain controlled or refuse to be bound by fear, worry and stress.

Imagine if, instead of people having a mass protest to shout abuse at their dark-suited targets, they just laughed at them en-masse.
Now has now been shown in medical tests and trials that when you laugh it has a wonderful healing . No matter how bad your situation, laughter will always making it seem better, or at least not as bad.

Have a lovely break ...
Amid the chaos and the challenges don't forget to smile

After all, you are all that is, has been and ever will be.

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I agree! I try to laugh every day, and more than once! I have noticed how the news programs on TV are really trying to feed the fear in us, and have pointed it out to my spouse. Then he could see it too! It was especially noticeable during the so-called swine flu epidemic...which was certainly not an epidemic or a pandemic like the news casters were harping upon. It was so easy to see there was nothing to panic about! But they played it up everyday, trying to build up the fear and the associated panic. Now, that they know this tactic has failed, they are trying to build up fear that North Korea is about to start some kind of war! We know, that this too, will fail!
Love and peace to all of humanity,
Lots of love Marie:):):) I couldn't agree better with you.
.....their dirty tactic are failing for sure.


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