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To All of you sweet Sparks of Light: Keep Love in your Heart

Everybody is so welcome here,this is a place of love so please keep love in your heart.
Do not see Rules and Regulations,Be Yourself,Be of Love,Be Free to do whatever you want,just without hurting the freedom of the others, ....keep that LOVE INTENT Hi my lovely friends.
Any rule that sounds good to be imposed on others,will be just back imposed on you.Cause if you tell others you can't do
this and that, better know that you also,are telling that to yourself.The more you lock the others,the more you locking yourself. :):):)LOCK THE DOOR SO NOBODY COMES IN,WELL YOU JUST LOCKED YOURSELF INSIDE TOO.
These words come from a Higher level of understanding,that will truly be understood,if you keep love in your heart only.
:):):)YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, CAUSE I KNOW YOU LOVE ME ....they will express themselves freely ,cause they know it,That you know it also.
:):):)I DO WHATEVER I WANT CAUSE YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU express freely,cause they know you love them.
This is a place of LOVE,Tolerance,Well-wishing,excitement and all other positivities.Give love to anybody,even to those that you dont agree with.You will always learn from others,even if you may think that you know better than them!!!!!!
Trying to be important or judging,will prevent you from seeing this LIGHT I'm refering to.
....let the excitement continue :...cause ,do you wanna ascend to the higher level,that's the way.

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Blessing to All of You Sweet Sparks of Love.Namaste


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