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They are called the "dream yogis." They engage in lucid dreaming, as part of a methodology, towards the great goal. They can go lucid, without effort, where for most, it might take weeks, months, or in some cases, years, before experiencing a lucid dream.

The most effective way to go lucid, is to ask yourself, regularly, throughout your day, "Am I dreaming now?" Don't answer right away, even though, you know you are not dreaming. Pause, look around to see if there is anything out of place. THEN answer, "No, I am not dreaming."

The more you repeat this during the day, the more likely you will ask the question in a dream. When you do, you will engage in that process, of looking around for something askew. And in your dream you will find it! And you will say, "Yes! I am dreaming!" This will be a great moment for you! And in time, you will be able to use these experiences to move you forward, on the spiritual path!

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awesome Arcturian... I'm going to give that a try... I've been trying to set the intention before I go to sleep, but that's not doing it... thanks :) much love & joy to you...
If you go lucid, you may get so excited, that you feel yourself about to wake up. If so, spin around a little bit, where you are standing, in your dream, and you might prolong it!
lol... okay... thanks, I'll remember that thought when i'm asking myself in my 'awake' time... are your dreams always lucid?
Thank you for asking Dana, when you get on a roll, you don't have to do the excersises are thinking about the amazing lucid dreams you had last night...your thoughts...your intentions...your conciousness, is focused, as a by-product of the joy the dreams brought to you, on the experiences, and this becomes the excersise that promulgates further lucid dreams. So there are phases you go through. When that gets interupted, you may not have one for a while, and you have to begin your process, i.e., excersises, intentional efforts, again.
Awesome by-products. That's a focus I can use in my daily life. It's hard to develope that in daily life. I try to keep conscious thought on everything, but then the duality aspect of myself will come into play and blow me out of the water lol. Though those times are becoming lessened, the dream state or obe's would be little effected by that duality if at all so hence, I'd be doubling up on my practice lol. Thanks dear friend :) love
Thanks for making this post and the couple tips Arcturian, Lucid Dreaming is amazing and probably what got me on the path I am now, I've only had 2 lucid dreams but it was quite the eye opener, in one of em I asked if I was dreaming, then plugged my nose and breathed in, and was breathing through my nose while holding it shut, and that made me go lucid and get that rush of energy that hits you when you do.
Arcturian11 - may I ask - when you go lucid do your dreams then become more like being awake and suddenly in an OOBE state or do they remain a dream that you have taken control of? I ask because I want and have wanted for years to have an OOBE and as I understand it a lucid dream is the first step. Correct me please if I am wrong. thank you.


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