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I created a simple technique awhile ago that helped me have lucid dreams or what I called dream walking. I used the techique every night for two weeks in a row and I was in total control of my dreams. I stopped after two weeks, because it felt like I wasn't getting any rest. I still use the technique. I hope this helps some people because from my experiences it was amazing.

Here are the steps:

1. When you lay down to go to sleep, lay on your side. This seemed to help me.
2. Close your eyes and breathe normal. Sometimes it helped me when I focused on the Third Eye.
3. In your mind, tell yourself that you are going dream walk. Confirm it a few times.
3. Next, completely clear your mind of all thoughts. Allow images to pass through your mind, but do not cling to any of them.
4. Soon an image of a place will begin to form in your mind's eye. It may be a familiar place or one that you have never seen before. This is the hard part though. Do not judge the image, name the image, or acknowledge what or where this image is. If you do, the session is over.
5. Allow this image to come into focus. Slowly. Let it completely surround you. Immerse yourself in it.
6. Now start to try to see your hands and look around.
7. If you did the steps correctly, then you are now in the dream world. You can do anything that want now, even go to a another place. You will hear yourself breathing and perhaps sounds in the room, but do not acknowledge them or you will wake up.

Thanks for reading and good luck. The more you do it, the more easier it gets.

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cool! thankx for this info! I will give it a try.


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