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This was a dream, or maybe a past memory, I had a few weeks ago? I'm standing in a field with two other people, a man and a woman, I'm not aware of who they are. I either am waiting for a UFO or want to experience seeing one, not sure which? Off to my right I see an egg shaped ball of white light moving until it's equal to where I'm standing. It's pretty far off. Suddenly it reforms itself into a flying disc, with white lights flashing from left to right on the top and right to left on the lower side. I'm feeling amazed and very curious. The lights stop flashing and a very bright spot light appears from right in the middle of the disc between where the flashing lights had been. It scans the ground until it reaches me. At this point I blank out and then find myself in a cave walking with the other two people but I'm confused. I wonder what happened and why I'm here. I do at this point remember the UFO but don't know what happened? It doesn't make sense? Once again I blank out and then find myself back in the field accept there is a fourth stranger standing a fair distance ahead of the three of us on the ground, the UFO is still hovering above him. But it's to dark to see what he actually looks like. I seem to know that I was taken but can't remember anything that might have happened. I yell at the stranger in the distance, "Hey I want to remember what happened?" In response I hear him say, or maybe it was just in my head, "When the time is right you will." At this point I wake up and I'm elated but also confused as to whether it really took place or if was just a dream?

I also posted this in lucid dreams as well!

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