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My discovery of the oldest stone star map of Orions Belt. By Patrick Conlan,Page 1

[ Sadly the site that these writings came from has been taken down as in the fallowing posts some pictures are missing]

In the following pages I will be taking you through the stages that led to my discovery of the oldest stone star map displaying the Belt Stars of the constellation of  Orion.Before I begin to describe my discovery it will be neccesary to fill in some background on myself and how I stumbled on those ancient secrets .I retired from full time employment some years ago and this allowed me plenty of time to pursue my favourite pastime which was researching ancient history.I began my researches with ancient Egyptian history and I did this for two reasons. Firstly because there were so many books written about ancient Egypt including one they wrote themselves Titled ( The Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt.) My second reason for choosing Egyptian history was my interest in the great Pyramids of the of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. My interest lay not in how the Pyramids were built but rather why they were built.
After three years research I was reasonably sure that I knew the reason for building those amazing structures. The reason they were built was because the ancient Egyptians had lost their Cosmic Gods and they had attempted to recreate them on the ground in the shape of Pyramids.I will return to this story at a later time.
At the same period of time other Neolithic peoples who had also lost their Cosmic Gods attempted to recreate them in the shape of Ziggurats, huge Mounds and also huge stone Circles and man designed Hills.    
When I finished studying ancient Egyptian history, I decided to study the pre-history of Ireland and hoped to apply some of the ancient knowledge  I had acquired to increase our understanding of some of the strange pre-historic monuments that dot the countryside of Ireland.The strangest old  monuments in Ireland are the three huge Tumolis on the bend of the Boyne river in Co. Meath Ireland. The names of the three huge mounds are Dowth, Knowth and of course Newgrange. I believe that those mounds are symbols of a group of Irish Cosmic Gods.In the course of researching a year book of the ( Royal Society of Antiquarions of Ireland ) I came accross a remark passed by a history Professor who stated that the (Peaks of Loughcrew) reminded him of the Pyramids of Giza.
I had never heard  of Loughcrew before but the mention of a resemblance between Loughcrew and Giza made me take rapid steps to find out all I could about it. Loughcrew is located three miles from the town of Oldcastle ,Co. Meath .Ireland .I acquired a site map of Loughcrew which is displayed below.

Loughcrew has a ridge 700 feet high which extends for three miles running from Northeast to Southwest. (the ridge is colour coded green on the map.
Rising up from this 700 foot ridge to different heights are four Peaks.(see map)I have drawn a red line through the summits of the two large Peaks.This red line gives a unique pattern to the group of Peaks.The pattern shows that the two large Peaks are in line with each other .The line also shows that the small Peak is below the red line and the last and medium Peak is sited above the red line.
I have also included in the map the position of a (Moat) which is sited Southeast of the first large Peak. The reason for its inclusion will become clearer later.Sited around the Peaks are thirty Cairn Tombs or Passage Graves which are of different sizes and different degrees of disrepair. The age of the Tombs is believed to be over 5,000 years. Distributed among the Tombs are about 160 enscribed stones . The scribed drawings on those stones is called Passage Grave Art.

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