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My discovery of the oldest stone star map of Orions Belt. By Patrick Conlan,Page 2

I decided to investigate the Passage Grave Art myself just to see if would give me as big a headache as I got from studying .(The Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt).
The first task was to find a comprehensive book dealing with Passage Grave Art. The book that I decided to study was a large book Titled(The Megalithic Art of Western Europe) the author of the book was an Irishwoman named
Ms Shee-Twohig: .This book contains a large collection of drawings of the Passage Grave Art from the scribed stones at Loughcrew.
I studied the drawings very closely for a long time.The drawings made no sense to me except for one of them.This particular stone had a sketch on it that resembled a group of stars.What had attracted my attention to this sketch was the fact that the group of stars had a familiar looking pattern to them. 
(See sketch of the stone below right)

The stone on the right is from a Tomb named ( i ) which is located on the most westerly Peak named Carnbane West.
The dimensions of the stone are.
Height 130 CM Wide 78 CM
The pattern of the star group starting at the top of the stone shows two large stars running in line down the stone.Below the two large stars and to your right as you look at them is a small star.At the bottom of the group is a medium sized star.
At the top righthand side of the group there is a puzzling object resembling a patch of light rays.

I doubt if I would have noticed the pattern of the group of stars only for the fact that I had drawn a similiar pattern for the group of Peaks on the Loughcrew '' Site Map''.
Further investigation revealed that 'George du Noyer' an Artrist had also sketched the stone in the 1860s , also Martin Brennan an Author had sketched the stone for his book 'The Stars And The stones' .

Du Noyer has the correct number of stars and in their correct  positions on his stone but the sketches are very poorly executed.
Ms Shee-Touhig used a special cast to lift the impression of the stars from her stone .This method would make her design an exact copy of what the ancient Artist had scribed on her stone.The spidery effect of the rays issuing from the stars circles on her stone is caused by the rough surface of the sandstone that the ancient Artist'choose to work on.
Martin Brennan's stone contains a good factual interpretation of the the ancient Artist's design without the rough realism of Ms Shee-Touhig's stone.
Martin Brennan has placed a small star on the top righthand side of his stone.

I decided to further investigate the Passage Grave Art hoping to discover another similar star map which would confirm the credibility of the first map.There is a large boulder in the vicinity of (CAIRN T) which was formed by some ancient artisan into a shape resembling a rustic seat.This stone attracted the name the HAGS CHAIR after the goddess BERA who was patron of the LOUGHCREW hills. I personally believe that the stone was created as a  PAGAN SACRIFICIAL ALTER.   This stone has quite a lot of   weathered Art engraved on its surface ,at the top right-hand corner of the stone there is a group of stars in a pattern resembling the pattern of  the stars in the first map.The star pattern of the four stars against a dark background can be viewed at the right-hand side of the HAGS CHAIR picture.The first star map has been  cleaned up and enlarged for comparison with the new dark map.The two star maps can be compared for their resemblances .With the comparative resemblance confirmed I will now proceed to create a composite star map for comparison to ancient sites.

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