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Very Helpful Info Regarding Meditation From The Channeling of the FOL through Blossom Goodchild

18. Dec 14th.

Good morning friends. A little late today! Hoping you haven’t gone off on your crystal cleaning duties or something. Yesterday, you spoke of ‘switching off’. Many people ask for advice on this matter, perhaps you can ‘switch us on’ as how to ‘switch us off’?

This would be a pleasure for us, although may be a little more difficult than YOU may realize, for we are not in the human form and therefore ‘OUR” methods for ourselves are different to those that a human mind may need to assume the position of. Yet we KNOW as much as we know and are happy to share this with you.

Firstly, it is a matter of disconnecting from the thoughts and mind turmoil that one resides in for most parts of their awake time. To be able to stop the mind is not always an easy task. So we suggest that you ask it to stop. Simply say ‘I ask the part of my mind that is busy with thoughts to stop for this time in which I choose to switch over to an empty space. In thanks’. It is always good to repeat these things three times. For three is a high vibrational number. The first time it is heard ... the second it is computed ... and the third it is sealed. Before this we suggest that you take three deep breathes. Once you have said this, again take three deep breathes. And then ‘look’ through your central eye. In between your eyes in the centre of your forehead. Look as if you were trying to see something that is far far away in the distance. Continue to take deep breathes and LISTEN to the sound of that breath. For listening to the sound of yourself breathing ‘life’ is a perfect resonance of sound that will compute with the individual ‘level’ of where the self is at. We would say also that it is beneficial to play soft music, but it is not necessary and not always required. It depends on where the self is placed at any given moment when taking the time out to connect with the Higher self. The I AM of the I AM. The focus is to be upon the NOTHINGNESS. That is the key dear friends … to focus on NOTHING. And it is through this allowance that the EVERYTHING can enter into the ALL of your Being. You do not need to KNOW what is taking place. It is more an acceptance of the fact that it IS taking place. We say to you that in this format you are able to top up your batteries.

Many expect a choir of angels to appear before them or such imaginings. We would say that the more one desires of this, the less likely it is to happen. It is the desire to BE that is what is important. And BE - ING is simply that. Not expecting. Not suggesting. Not anything! Just allowing the Being of your Being to …. Yes … BE.

I have been in the fortunate position of just Being in a nowhere space, and it is bliss. One could stay there forever. Can you explain where that nowhere is?

Exactly there. Nowhere.

And I have learned too, that can be replaced by NOW HERE. That’s what it is about isn’t it? Being here in the now of the MOMENT.

When in that nowhere state it is then more than ever that one can experience the NOW of that moment. For one is immersed within it. There are no distractions to take one away from that moment of Now.

I feel many would like more hands on advice as to working their way towards that ‘nowhere’ place.

We would say that it is best to omit the expectancy of what one would like to happen. For the expectancy and the keenness, and the wantingness, can alter the balance that is required to get there. Enter into this special time with NO thoughts other than what we have already said. TO BE … nothing more. Many find it difficult but we would say it is more about giving the self the time to do so. And as with all things, if one perseveres, eventually everything will slip into place. And that in a way is what happens. The soul self slips into place. Many of you have experienced a ‘bump’ in the heart place as one comes back into the self from literally entering in to another level. This happens because the human level of the self is telling the soul level it is not ready to ‘be there’. It is not easily described. We would say as if one is peeking into a room where they are not meant to be. From the point of view of not being ready to be in that Higher vibration, for there are many levels in which one can aspire to when they embark upon their meditational journey. We would describe this state as being like a visit home. Become aware of the heart within this time and feel the peace that resonates and vibrates in that place.

You know dear ones, this ‘space/place’ we speak of is one that is designed to reconnect with the part of you that is not of the earth density. And yet, the pleasure it brings to the soul self is one that can remain within and indeed be part of the human self should one wish to accomplish this level of Being. And this level of Love that one can feel when ‘out there’ is one that could be determined by the way one chooses to live one’s life. How one chooses to adopt certain learnings and expressions of Love that have been accepted whilst the reconnection is underway.

I know when I channel White Cloud, of the deep place I slip into as he is merging with my energies and I can immediately ‘feel ‘the difference. So, some would say it’s easy for me. And I would say the same. But what about those who find it so difficult to get anywhere, let alone nowhere?

As we have said … perseverance. There is not one soul upon your planet who cannot go there. For it is part of you. It is where you originate from. That nothingness that is everything. As we continue to say.

It would only be the self blocking the self from believing one is worthy and indeed capable. Worthiness, we have discovered, is quite an issue for you upon your planet. It is of great surprise to us. For where we are within ourselves is a place of KNOWING who we are. and when you KNOW who you are, there simply is not a question as to whether or not one is good enough. Good enough for what? Good enough for whom? To whom? Friends, each creation is equal, whether you choose to accept that or not, we say to you it is so. Therefore ,there is no one creation that is more worthy to receive than another. Yet …the interesting part is this …. Because of how one chooses to see the self, that determines as to whether or not they are worthy to receive more or less than another. The self puts that onus on the self. Yet, on your planet , in your world, one feels that it is as a simple human Being, they are not worthy to receive Gods grace… if we may put it that way. Yet ….. You are all Gods. So how can you not receive your own grace?

When one realizes, when one cottons on …as you would say … to these sort of matters that have been hidden away … when one accepts who they Truly are, then everything will change. For the individual self. Everything.

We desire it to be KNOWN by all living Beings on your planet that you are your own creation capable of creating anything. Absolutely anything. Look around you dear friends. Have you not created SO much already? Now, in this New World that you are walking into, the soul self is to emerge and express itself in ways of creation that are beneficial to the expression of Love that you are. The material creations are to lose their significance in the role of importance. The NEW WAY is one that shall recognize that matters of the soul are the pathway into the LIGHT planet. This is all that is of benefit at the close of the day.

You are OF GOLDEN LIGHT. Therefore this is why you shall be KNOWN as THE GOLDEN RACE, because you shall BE your LIGHT. This Light that you are will not be overshadowed by anything … anymore. The era of such things shall melt away. The warmth from the Love that is emanating onto, into and through to your planet is already seeing to that!

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