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Steve Nobel Meditations - Calling Into Being Your Highest Divine Self & Christ Consciousness


Steve Nobel Meditations 

Calling Into Being Your Highest Divine Self & Christ Consciousness

This Higher Light Decree calls upon your Higher Self, I Am Presence, and your team of the highest light to be present and hold and support you through all dimensions and spaces within the dreamtime, which is the higher dimensional reality you are creating in your life.

Video - Higher Light Decree - Entering The Dreamtime -

In this higher light decree the intention is to clear all that arises within this sacred and intense connection. It is important to note that the main function of this connection is spiritual awakening.

Video - Higher Light Decree - The Twin Flame Connection

Loving Kindness is an ancient Buddhist practice that is also known as Metta Bhavana. Compassion and loving kindness helps us heal relationships and move forward. It also allows us to enhance our existing relationships. 

Video: Loving Kindness Meditation -

Infinite Blessings of God's Love, Light, & Abundance to all of you,

Steven Hutchinson

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