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I am wondering, sometimes I suddenly feel very nauseous during meditation. Am I doing something wrong (can you do something as meditating wrongly??)? Or is this a sign that something is blocking? Or is it just a sign that my body is getting relaxed - and the heartrate drops what might cause it? If it occurs, it is usually when I feel bit tired. Any info/advice on this one? Many thanks in advance!!! Love, ninie

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Hey Ninie i too experience this during my meditations, It does not matter if i eat before or not i get it randomly. I haven't tracked if it happens more during the day or at night cause i meditate at late night and early morning, But sometimes for me i get to the point where i really feel that i might puke if i keep going, it's weird, but it's cool to hear other people experience this, i don't think you are doing anything wrong, if i learn more i'll tell you.


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