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I went really deep last night. It seems that which each one I do - I go deeper.

I sent out the intention to connect with my Higher Self, and while I was "waiting" my mind kind of drifted... then almost as a "WAKE UP" I got the vision of a bolt of lightning, then I was very aware that there was a presence there, it felt like it was right in front of my eyes, I could see it's shadow moving in front of me side to side as if it were between me and a dim light source.

I got the feeling that I was uncomfortable with this presence. So I sent it love. Nothing. Then I felt some kind of thump - very subtle though and thought, "okay, thats enough" and I broke the meditation session.

Now, my question is this.

I am trying to figure out why I was a bit fearful. Was it because it was "unchartered territory" for me? Or was it something dark and my intuition was telling me so?

I did ask for protection, but perhaps I did not take enough time to make sure that I was really protected.

A bit confused but also damn excited!


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yeah... strange. But since, nothing like this at all. Actually I have been going even deeper and having really nice experiences.


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