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What is Brainwave Entrainment? Brainwave Entrainment simply put is the use of binaural beat sound recordings to change or alter your brainwave frequencies to achieve various states of consciousness. Various states of consciousness include the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns. Beta comprise the brainwave patterns of normal awake consciousness where we are dealing with the outside world. It is our state of concentration, cognition, arousal and alertness but also of stress, anxiety, uneasiness, fear and disharmony. Alpha comprise the brainwave patterns of light relaxation and meditation, super learning, relaxed focus, reflection, positive thinking, pre-sleep or post-waking drowsiness and beginning of direct access to our unconscious mind.

Theta comprise the brainwave patterns of deep relaxation and meditation, intense focus, increased memory or retention, heightened creativity and visualization or imagery and of course our dreaming state and REM sleep. Delta comprise the brainwave patterns of deep dreamless sleep, deep trance like loss of body awareness and the potential for greatest push of programming to our unconscious mind. Depending on the brainwave state or states we are attempting to achieve and so utilize, brainwave entrainment using single or combinations of binaural beat frequencies are able to stimulate the various brainwave patterns.

The use of Brainwave Entrainment allows or promotes a multitude of obvious applications or benefits such as: bring about relaxation or deep meditation; eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, fear or anger; promote clear thinking, focus or super learning; increase awareness, insight and inner peace; providing rest and renewed energy. Other perhaps not so obvious though powerful uses are: re-programming our subconscious mind; healing unresolved emotional issues or dysfunctional feelings; manifesting spontaneous and creative solutions to difficult problems or desires; stimulating visions and psychic abilities; stimulating the release of various beneficial hormones and brain chemicals; synchronizing or balancing the two halves of the brain promoting whole brain thinking or super whole brain functioning.

Brainwave Entrainment is a very promising technology having real life changing power. You may listen to free 70 minute brainwave entrainment recordings at , you must use headphones to achieve the proper effect in steering the correct and very different frequencies to each ear.

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