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Maitreya; Savior or Anti Christ?


Maitreya; Savior or Anti Christ?

The "new world religion" teacher of 2012. Portrayed as the coming "christ", the promoters of this man however, only seem to show signs of deception.

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This man is known as Maitreya, who many have referred to as the coming "christ" or teacher for the new world religion. This "new world" closely resembles the Illuminati's goal of completing their "New World Order". This man's name in Hebrew and Greek gematria is equivalent to the number of the beast, or 666. Benjamin Creme', who is promoting this man as a message of hope, seems to be only leading individuals down the path of pure deception. Here are some links I have found about this man, and don't worry, these links will not lead you astray, nor do they contain viruses of any sort. Do not get this man confused with the Buddhist's Maitreya Buddha, who many still continue to worship to this day.

Who is Maitreya? -
The Number of the Beast Revealed -
Expectations of 2012 -
Some See Him As A Savior -
"The Morning Star" -

Remember, even the anti christ will perform impossible acts not known to man to deceive all of mankind and its existence. Throughout the past years, I have noticed that the media has started to portray many individuals as the so called "christ". This is one of the first signs portrayed by biblical references of the beast's coming....Within the next three years, if this is the so called "christ" or "perfected man" in the eyes of the zionists, his face should start to appear before, or right around, 2012.

Feedback is much appreciated, thanks!

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Comment by RL on January 16, 2009 at 10:41am
this place seems to be the right place to tell an ancient chinese story ^_^

i heard this from my dad. im not sure if it really happened to sima qian, or he was inspired to write a story like this.

there used be a great literary writer named sima qian in ancient china. one day he came into acquaintance with a deity. but the deity was invisible so sima qian requested for the deity to manifest into something that a normal human being like sima qian could see visually.

so the deity manifested into a glorious magnificent being that sima qian could see. however the deity looked part god, part demon. terrified and suspicious, sima qian asked if he was a deity or god, because he had some demonic features.

the deity replied, 'i am both. there is no differentiation'

in madame white snake, an old chinese legend/fable, we see a 'demoness', madame white snake, becoming 'good' because of her love, and a supposedly 'good' spiritual monk, Fa Hai, become 'evil' because of his obsession with obliterating madame white snake, because she was a 'demoness'. there are paths to light and dark, and dark to light, which way will you go? ^_^
Comment by Kevin Bauer on January 14, 2009 at 10:01pm
This Palden Dorje that you speak of, he has also been shown on television as a new "savior" actually referred to by the news. It seems as if both of these individuals have used Buddhism as a way to mask their appearance...
Comment by starweaver on January 14, 2009 at 10:55am
I dont have a good feeling regarding this person who is claiming to be The World teacher Maitrea. We are all christed beings and one who claims that he is the one and is here to change the world is up to no good. The anti christ is the dark shadow that humanity is facing at this time. But soon we will all heal that part and come through victorious. Thanks for posting this sight Kevin, People need to be aware of deception.
Comment by Besimi on January 13, 2009 at 11:09pm
Maitrea suppose to be a peaceful Teacher of the world.But will it???Yes.
Will there try to be deceivers???Yes.
Deceivers will try to use Maitrea name to slave humanity,just as they used
Christs name.
For 2000 years catholic Church hid its beasty face behind The Jesus Christs
name.Did all crimes using Christ as Mask.Brought Dark Age to Humanity.
Does this Maitrea has to be a Man ? ...ohhh and why not a Woman? or can it be just an Energy or Consciousness? just like Christ Consciousness.
To All :Open your mind,wake up,start seeing with The Real You. Cause Maitrea is Inside You.All the Knowledge and Wisdom of God is Inside You.All you
have to do is to recognize it, realize it and use it.Is that Love inside you,that you have to recognize, so you become of IT.And when you do,nobody can make you to hate,fight, kill or do any bad things to your Brothers and Sisters.
And just after this that New Paradugm,Golden Age start to manifest.There are
cosmic loving beings,who come and gone trying to tell us IT'S YOU.
You are The Tru Maitrea,realize it. .......lots of love:):):)

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