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Last week I woke somewhere around 5am (it seemed about that time, I didn't look at a clock) and remembered fragments of a dream I'd just had.

There was a very powerful memory of the word "secret" and the year 1339 - I worked out that 39 = 13x3 so that I could remember the year when I awoke properly later on, as I quickly drifted back to sleep. There was also a vague association with France which I forgot at the time.

A couple of nights later I googled "secret" and "1339" and uncovered that the Secret Vatican Archives were moved to Avignon in France in 1339. It is not a period of history I know much about, although I am aware of the genocide committed by the Inquisition against the Cathars in the region of Monsegur several decades earlier - is there a connection?

Any thoughts about the meaning of all this and do any of the group have any information they would like to share?


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Very Cool.. It seems you may be having a recall of memory during this period in history, not really sure, you may also be solving or finding some solution for questions relating to something in the present, with no real conscious accounts, you have to search within to get some feedback... If I where you I would continue to journal any other dreams. Maybe this will bring up more info. Also when your dreaming ask for more data? Puzzles? dreams... good luck... sih


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