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This came to me at perhaps the oddest time possible, but I had a flash of something resembling insight today. Bit of background:

I was traveling on the underground, and because of disruptions the trains were running slow and people were packed in like sardines. Now, normally I'd read a book while traveling, but considering the jostling, chattering and other general unpleasantness associated with taking a crowded underground train on saturday evening, I resorted to an attempt at meditation to shut out the world for a while.

That's when I saw it, clear as day, for a moment or two.

It was a series of squares, one inside the other, with four squares 'locked' at the edges of the outer one so they were divided at exactly one quarter, locking at bottom right in the left upper corner of the large square and so going clockwise around the outer square. Each 'band' was colored differently and when I had time to absorb that image, it suddenly shifted and my vision tilted 90 degrees to the horizon, the image I had before unfolding itself into three dimensions and rising up to form a stepped pyramid.

I wish I knew a bit more about photoshop and the like to recreate what I saw... but suffice to say this is the first time I get so clear an image of what looked like a technical diagram to me.

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