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Westminster "Best in Show" 2008, Meets With Nike Chairman Phil Knight, For Possible Endorsement Deal

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You can't keep a good pug down...When the going gets tough, the pugs get going...etc. LiP
hehe sure does R ..

~~ I demand Nike's air pegasus ... Sandals are for ladies .. gimme those shoes and you got yourself a deal ..
Who is that adorable frock she's weariing? Is that from last summers collection of Tommy Hilfiger? Dolce & Gabbana... DSquared? Oh no... I recognize it now... it's the 2007 spring collection of Pug Wang... Little Miss Westminster will be turning heads in this ensemble for some time. She has the freshness of a spring flower. Is that an Abrasha Choker adorned on her delicate little neck? Way to asseccorize lil missy. A red carpet wonder you know... and I don't think I've ever seen her dissapoint on the red carpet either... well... but for that time she used the railing to mark her territory... Oh the headlines that followed..."lil Miss Westminster being considered dropped from show", but what a turn around today... We love you Miss Westminster... Pulitzer Pug Prize winner... Percima Pug, Fashion Reporter
Dana...LiP, truly my are both magnificently brilliant funny people, and I'm honored to have you as friends. These were briiliant, and it made my whole Saviors experience up to now worth it!! Thank you!


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