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In my research about Vortex Based Mathematics there are 2 main names that come up Randy Powel and Marco Rodin and there have been lots of people dismissing there work because they both sound a bit . . . well . .  loony. They are both heavily into mysticism and spirituality and that seems to disqualify them from science in some peoples eyes.

I just want to point out that Nicola Tesla, the man without whom the modern world would simply not exist (he invented alternating current amongst other things) was immediately dismissed when he said he could create free energy. The real reason he was dismissed as a crackpot was because JP Morgan didn’t see any profit to be made out of free energy.

Also Sir Isaac Newton was heavily into mysticism and produced a book of prophecy based on the Bible.

Galileo was dismissed as a crackpot for saying that the earth was not the centre of the solar system or the universe.

So there you go, something to think on

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Ha!  Your discussion title drew my immediate attention.

In answer to your question, I say NO!  The quantum physicists started using mystical phrases to describe things when reality started going off into unimaginable directions.  Well, reality does go off in unimaginable directions, let me tell you. LOL. 

I've been looking into this extensively since you started this group, Kal'Narred, and the only problem I have with all of this is that nobody seems to want to build anything out of this Rodin coil.  Rodin says he doesn't have the expertise, so he gives the idea to the world.  Powel expounds, and maybe improves on the theory, but again, I can't find any working piece of machinery in my research so far.  Some people have built coils and show some behaviors, but they don't say that the Rodin coil does something that an ordinary coil won't do.  This is probably because I'm not an electrician or motor winder, but I'd like someone to explain whether the Rodin coil actually does something special, and if so, why hasn't anyone built anything with it.

We have a member of our group who's doing some asking around of his friends in the know, right? 

I love the mystical stuff, and am actually more interested in that.  The idea that imbedded in base 10 numbers is a key than can unlock and tie together all motion PLUS point to an underlying intelligence behind the construct of the universe fascinates me.

I intend to build a Rodin Coil this summer hopefully (going to locate an old TV or Monitor for the copper wire) and See where I go from there, untill then I'm going to give Randy Powel £5 here and there and urge others to do the same.

By the way, there have been lots of inventors who have came up with Free Energy or systems which show over 100% efficiency, which is supposed to be impossible (well it is and isn’t, I'll explain later, have a disabled German Shepard to deal with b4 I go to work). Other scientists won't peer review the work because they don't want to jeopardize their own credibility, but they don't discredit it (well other than saying, "that's impossible, you must have made a mistake).

Here's a British documentary from 1995 that really captured my imagination called "It Runs on Water" .


Interesting to know that Tesla Channeled .  We need some of the cHannelers at present  to do what he done then ,  As it goes though with Randy his intentions are genuine from my own opinion the presentation he delivered .But at the same time he published that video on you tube he may have created  a lot of trouble from the energy cartels which could have made him as a threat so to me the time to release all this to the people needs to be now the longer it takes to release the info the more time they have to sabotage his plans ,so lets pray that he was thinking of this and every thing is going to happen by his design of planning his own strategic release of very detrimental information, that would if deployed to the public will suck a huge amount of wealth from some very sinister people who have never worried about breaking laws or people lives to prevent such threats from reaching reality,I do believe with the internet he just may deliver humanity a well deserved future that was robbed by these same control freaks who believe they own everything living or not and that includes all the worlds wealth and health ,So every day that goes by I hope is the day I will see he has released some more knowledge and information . I will download any thing he releases it because it will probaly be removed in a very short time .    
Good video Kol'Narred especially the part at the end where the guy said the energy cartel wont give up there empire easily because of such inventions would mean bankruptcy or the end of there control over the people lives depending on there energy sources

No offence Clinton, but I'd like to read the source that describes Tesla as being a channeller. I'm not poking holes in what you're saying; I just want to read it myself. What I know about Tesla is that he could visualise every detail of his inventions before he put pen to paper or built any prototype and had the amazing ability to build a working model with apparently no need for tweaking or improvement. I'm not saying that he wasn't a channeller, I am open to that possibility, but humans have an incredible ability to visualise things and my opinion was that Tesla's visualisation ability was at the peak of human potential. 

In my mind the idea of him being a channeller strips him of some of that incredible intelligence. Undoubtedly he would need phenomenal intelligence to understand what he was seeing, but it would mean that he didn't come up with it.

Again, I'm not discrediting what you are saying (your input is most valuable), just voicing the trouble I’m having with it.

I do know that what Tesla said about himself was "I'm not an inventor, I am a discoverer". This may or may not lend credence to what you are saying.

I'm hopefully going to build a workshop this summer and I'm going to have a go at a few things: Building a Roden coil generator, a wind generator with a car alternator and i'm going to try and follow up on the hydrogen generator based on Stanley Meyer’s work. He's one person we need to remember, he died of food poisoning in the late 90's, who actually dies of food poisoning these days, a wee bit suspicious don't you think?

Anyway, anybody who's technically minded please follow up on Meyer, and Rodin's research, you might end up selling power back to the power companies

Oh come on, surely C didn't leave because of what I said?


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