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Feel free to post recipes,diets and tips related to healthy way of eating and nutrition. Post links of related websites and upload books!! You are what you eat! take responsibility! Invest in your Health!

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Comment by Courtier on March 11, 2011 at 3:46am

--->>In this cutting-edge half hour<----, you’ll learn… * The energy field of a live, ORGANIC leaf – photons and electrons trapped in a vast web of living power! * Kirlian photos of a person who eats live food vrs. someone who eats cooked food. * Why we’re meant to eat food with live-electricts intact. * Why food we gather is superior to food we “grow” * The suprising secrets of our ancestors that every cooked foodist needs to know. * And so much more!!

Excerpt: “Did you know… It takes 5,214 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat and only 70 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of vegetables!”

Question: Do you REALLY think this world can sustain itself on a meat-based diet?

For more info, please visit:

Comment by Courtier on March 11, 2011 at 3:45am

Heres Dr.Fred Bell's reaserch about vitamins and minerals.

When you are in a diseased condition, the first vitamin you're usually deficient in is Vitamin A along with Vitamin C. The primary mineral you are missing is chromium. So in the treatment of disease the first thing you want to do is put chromium back in the body. It will help to properly digest proteins.


The body is 5% mineral. That 5% mineral content controls 95% of your body functions. We assimilate essential minerals like iron, copper and calcium through our diet.
When you ingest minerals into the body, they are distributed to all the brain synapses and the nervous system. The primary minerals needed there in addition to iron would be calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese. The minerals become homoglobin in the blood, bones, and basic cellular structure.


Manganese is another important mineral in the body. It works with the B Complex vitamins to overcome laziness, sterility and general weakness. It also combines with a mineral, phosphorous, to bild strong bones. Much of the body's manganese is found in the liver. Our bodies need manganese for proper enzymatic function to digest food and extract vital nutrients for overall body utilization. Manganese is also important in the utilization of thiamin, biotin, choline and Vitamin C.
also Maganese is good for immune system to help overcome different ailments and strenghten nerves.


Calcium is probably one of the most abundant minerals in the body. About 99% of the calcium in the body is deposited in the bones and teeth. People don't realize that calcium is essential to the heart. Some heart problems can be caused by a calcium deficiency. If you get muscle cramps and spasms you could have a calcium deficiency; when the body runs out of calcium, it leaches it out of your bones. thats y after rave take lots of calcium lol
Vitamin D is good for that to. Vitamin D is manufactured by the body when exposed to sunlight. But the ozone layer is allowing too much ultraviolet through to the surface of the Earth. It has undermined our ability tom ake Vitamin D. So it is important to assimilate the Vitamin D and calcium together.


We Need Zinc!
Zinc is essential mineral.The human body contains approximetely 1.8 grams of zinc compared to 5 grams of iron. Generally, people are always zinc deficient.
The absorption and utilization of vitamins, especially the B Complex, requires zinc.
Zinc is a constituent of insulin, which governs the utilization of sugars. Zinc is important for the sense of taste and smell. People who smoke cigarettes are vastly deficient in zinc. Thats why they have to put so much salt and pepper and seasonings on their food, because their zinc is so low they've lost the enzymes that allow them to enjoy the sense of taste. Its also good for repairing tissues after you have a burn; it is necessary in the immune system to help protect against infection. It helps repair the DNA and RNA, correcting the harmful effects of x-rays and radiation.
Zinc helps prevent reduced cross-linking of biological macro molecules producing wrinkling, stretch marks and aging. Zinc and Vitamin E are necessary for the health of the reproductive system in both males and females. It is being especially required for the male prostate gland which concentrates zinc 2000% over levels present in the blood serum.
Zinc and potassium is a great combination. It helps regulate the water balance. (our body is 85% water) People tryign to lose weight need to take more potassium.
A lot of people who are impotent are low on zinc. Zinc helps vitamins work better. Zinc works through the lymphatic system to help tissue restoration, the intake of oxygen and the expulsion of carbon dioxide and toxic waste. If you're low on zinc, your lymphatic system starts to back up , causing serious problems. Zinc is also component of 25 different enzyme systems in digestion and metabolization and helps control carbon dioxide levels in the body and processing of alcohol.


Vitamin A
When your low on Vitamin A the immune system breaking down is the first symptom as well as the improper assimilation of protein. Vitamin A is incredible for fighting infections. An anti-cancer agent. It promostes good healthy hair and skin. Even loss of hair sometimes can be traced back to Vitamin A. Zinc and Vitamin A works well to keep the hair production up to a maximum.


Niacin Flush!
Proteins that you shouldn't digest end up stored in the mast cells of the body. When you put niacin or B3 in the body, you get a histamine reaction to these particulants. The body releases histamines into the tissues to restrict blood veins slightly, raising your blood pressure and the toxin level in your blood, turning you skin red. This B3 "flush" is a healthy way for your body to free trapped energy and toxins. Take niacin as much as couple grams every single day to keep antigen or antiprotein level low. Niacin Along with Vitamin C is also helpful in reducing or eliminating smoking problems. The body absorbs nicotine from tobacco smoke to help in the assimilation of lysine and arginine. These substances forms a hormone called vasopressin, which is usually stored in the pituitary gland. Smoking introduces nicotine rapidly into the bloodstream and has a tendency to feel good for a moment or two, a positive "rush," you might say. The body soon starts craving nicotine. You can get the same good feeling by taking straight niacin over a period of time!
Not only do you get the same good feeling, you don't get it as a temporary 15 or 20 second rush like you do smoking a cigarette. You feel it all the time. But the body will try to cheat. Nicotine can be assimilated in 15, seconds whereas niacin takes 4 or 5 minutes. The body decides- hey, I don't want to wait 4 or 5 minutes, I want quick-fix nicotine everydfay for my euphoria.
As a result you end up with a bad habit. The body is lazy. To get rid of this dependency, start taking large amounts of niacin over a period of time, get through the flushing sensation, and continue to smoke. Don't even bother to stop smoking. And just convinue taking niacin. It doesn't work like antibuse does when you try to keep alcohol out of your system. It works harmoniously with the nicotine, and gradually the niacin, nicotinic acid, will displace the nicotine. One day you'll light your cigarette up and realize it made you feel bad shortly after you felt good.


Which Vitamins Really Work?
First of all, we pretty much need everything. For example, we have 50 times less vitamin E in our meals today than we did 50 years ago. Another question is can I take to much of something? No not really. You might end up getting what they call "expensive urine." When your body has more of a particular nutrient than it needs, it's going to excrete it via the urine. It's better to be urinating off a few excess vitamins than going to the hospital because you've had a stroke, disease, heart problem or brain damage or whatever because you didn't take enough.


Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B1, thiamine, which is an important vitamin for cell oxidation, memory, and it strengthens the heart. B2 is called the old "yellow vitamin," riboflavin. It metabolizes as a protein, which then allows nitrogen in adults to be metabolized and utilized more efficiently. This is quite important for vegetarians. You can't become a vegetarian, fruitarian or breatharian overnight. It takes awhile. A meat-eater has taken years to condition his body to be able to assimilate protein from meat, whereas a breatharian would be able to get it directly from nitrogen, like St.Teresa did. The air, you remember, is 69% nitrogen. It takes 90 days to reproduce a single series of red blood cells. It takes 6 months to reproduce many of the skin and other cells in the body, 7 years to reproduce a complete set of bone structure. So to go through one cycle of complete reproduction of the body takes 7 years. If you're switchingfrom a meat to vegetarian state, it might take you as long as 7 years to do this properly and allow your hormone structures to rebalance.
Supplements should include nitrilicides. Vitamin manufacturers often fail to put nitrilicides, the full complement of B's from B12 to B17, in their foods. A long time ago these wouldn't have been as necessary in the human diet, but now we eat lifeless, over-processed food. Our grains have been stripped, shredded, pressed and heat treated, so what's left? Most of the nutrition is the outer side of the kernel close to where it was exposed to the sun. As a result of this poor nutrition your body can retain carcinogens like nitrites, food preservatives, insecticides and other chemicals. Also providing B17 in your formulas byby using an almond brand of laetrile. Many people are not aware of the fact that there's cyanide in B17. The enzyme rodinase, present in normal cells, protects each cell from the harmful effects of this cyanide. Cancel cells lack this enzyme, which is why laetrile, or B17, has been used to treat cancer, and as a preventative. When B17 passes into a cell that does not have the enzyme rodinase, cyanide is released from the vitamin, killing the cell.
If you poured carbonated soft drink on the floor or on a piece of plastic, it could eat a hole right through it in time. There are acids present in the body stronger than this!So the body makes some powerful acids and antitoxins that it uses to fight other toxins. This is a normal condition in the balanced body as long as your body is balanced and it has a tendency to correct itself. A lot of people don't realize this. Earnest Kreb worked with the Russians on B15 experiments. The found B15 protected people from heart attacks and super-oxygenated the blood. B12 is another sensitive, nerve-oriented vitamin. If you don't have enough B12, you can quickly develop paranoia.
B6 is another vitamin also called peroxidne. B6 is good. It works on the immune system as an emotional buffer to the astral plane. If your emotional body gets disoriented, diseased may develop in your physical body. B6 is like a doorway B vitamin that will help prevent this from occurring. It also works well with B3, niacin and niacinamide, to eliminate the effects of herpes in the body. Herpes is often considered a nervous disorder in the body first before it becomes a physical disorder. Niacin is one of my favorite holistic prescriptions because of its versatility. Your body tends to trap bad proteins, called antigens.


Too Much Copper
Copper is necessary in the formation and maintenance of hemoglobin, but they found that people in
America have too much copper in their systems already. Excessive copper can cause genetic defects in the reproductive cycle of human beings and increase the chances of your children being born with leukemia. Adults don't realize that by taking copper-free supplements and filtering their water they can eliminate some serious defect problems down the line.
When you drink soda pop or cola, your body produces ethanol in the brain. Almost a quart of alcohol is produced some days by people drinking and eating alot of sweets. The sugar is breaking down into alcohol. Compound sugar is a 12 carbon atom. It breaks down to a 9 carbon atom on the way to becoming a 6 carbon atom which the body can utilize in insulin formations. The 9 carbon atom state is an alcohol form. That's why people get a sugar reaction. We've found that children who are given plenty of sweets in their adolescent period have a tendency to become alcoholics in their late teens.


Most vitamins that you take will tell you on the label you must take them with food. They have found that it is better to take them on an empty stomach to fully assimilate them. Usually the ones that have to be taken with food are incomplete as a protein, or on the enzyme level, so therefore your body has to rob from the food or from the body in order to metabolize the vitamin. This is not a proper course of nutrition in the vitamin form.

Comment by Courtier on March 11, 2011 at 3:45am

History of Medicine
'I have an earache....'
2000 BC "Here, eat this root."
AD 1000 "That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer."
AD 1850 "That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion."
AD 1940 "That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill."
AD 1985 "That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic."
AD 2000 "That antibiotic is unnatural. Here, eat this root."

Comment by Courtier on March 11, 2011 at 3:45am

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