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Myths About Kabbalah

Kabbalah is commonly associated with red strings, meditation, magic and many other things. This page aims to clear up commonly associated myths about Kabbalah

10 Myths About Kabbalah

Myth #1: Kabbalah is a religion.

Fact: Kabbalah is a science - the physics of the overall reality. It is a wisdom that reveals the comprehensive reality that is normally hidden from our senses.

Myth #2: Kabbalah is connected to red strings and holy water.

Fact: There is no connection. Red strings, holy water and other products are a lucrative commercial invention created in the past two decades.

Myth #3: Kabbalah is reserved for a minority of persons and only men over 40 years of age are allowed to learn it.

Fact: During the exile Kabbalah was only studied by a few select individuals. However, since the time of the Ari (the 16th century), it is available to all.

Myth #4: Kabbalah deals with magic.

Fact: Kabbalah does not deal with magic or any other sorcery; rather, it deals with a pragmatic investigation of reality.

Myth #5: Kabbalah is a sect.

Fact: Kabbalah is a wisdom and a science open to every person without any restrictions.

Myth #6: Kabbalah is related to “New Age” and is a trend - a passing phenomenon.

Fact: Kabbalah is humanity’s oldest wisdom. Its beginnings were approximately 5,000 years ago.

Myth #7: Kabbalah is related to tarot cards, astrology and numerology.

Fact: Tarot cards, astrology and numerology, in their mystical practice, have been mistakenly associated with Kabbalah.

Myth #8: There are amulets in Kabbalah.

Fact: In our world, there are no physical objects that bear any spiritual contents. Amulets can only help a person as a psychological support.

Myth #9: Kabbalah involves meditation.

Fact: Kabbalah does not involve meditation. Meditation is another element that was connected to the word “Kabbalah” amid its confusion in the last few centuries by non-Kabbalists.

Myth #10: One needs to have studied the Torah and Talmud prior to approaching Kabbalah.

Fact: Without Kabbalah, one cannot understand the spiritual meaning of these texts, and is stuck with thinking that they refer to physical events and actions.

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