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Hour long documentary on the hollow earth theory.

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Though I'm no scientist, I love the sciences. It is stimulating to me to hear the concepts and ideas of people who are not directly related to actual sciences because it brings so many more possibilites to light. The Cavendish balance experiment is as archaic and singular as Darwin's theory of evolution. When science actually considers evaluating results against multiple models/theories, rather than against the narrow view of outdated, outmoded models of one thought process of so called scientists, then perhaps we would see some giant leaps forward in all sciences.

I don't know much if anything about the theory of a hollow earth, but from the aspect of a paradigm shift from how seismology is researched currently, the fluidity of the hollow earth theory stands far above current belief systems.

Apart from struggling at the beginning of this video to get over the monotone of this fellows public speaking, I'm really glad I watched it. As it turns out he is quite brilliant and knows his stuff.

Thanks for posting this PA... very intriguing :) much love, Dana
found this link with the seismology research that Jan put into his book :)

Happy trails everyone :)
I miss Simone's comments... dang it


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