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Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, Indigos and all those embracing the energies of the shift.

I have been recently made aware of a bunch of people who are setting out to dis-prove, discredit or ridicule the Indigo children.
A lady calling herself "Anne from Esoteric Online Radio" recently left a comment on my video on you tube "Who are the Indigo Children?" saying how dangerous all this was and how parents are taking their Autistic children and ADHD children off medication and teaching them they are somehow special children with these amazing talents and denying them medical help.
I don't normally respond to any comment that is coming from someone clearly enmeshed in third density with no embracing of the higher dimensions but what caught my attention was the fact that she had mentioned she had just been part of putting a television programme together about Indigos.
Now this programme apparently airs sometime in April on the Edge channel on Sky TV.
" The Indigo Child debate starts this April on Gardiners World, Edge Media TV Sky 200"
The website with the trailer to this program can be found here
and here on you tube
The TV programme at first glance appears to present what looks like a fair debate and many might think how wonderful it is that the Indigo children are finally being presented on mainstream media.
However here is the information written on the you tube site
"Two of Esoteric Online presenters are guests of Phil Gardiner on his highly popular and respected show Gardiners world that is broadcasted on Edge Media TV Sky channel 200.
This show will at last allow the dangers of The Indigo phenomena be brought to light. For too long no one has spoken out against this ridiculous new age theory of Indigio children,crystal children and Star Children. Now you will come to realise what a ridiculous cult this is,and how more importantly both the Psychological and physical dangers this false belief puts on our most vulnerable children and adults."
The comments on the you tube comment area are quite shocking to read especially as they were all verbally closing in on a young Indigo, standing alone with his knowings amongst these people. The young Indigo was saying how he had been prescribed meds for 'hallucinations' but he knew they were not hallucinations. The indigo was talking about the energies of the shift & of the ascension and he was being ridiculed and being told to take his meds as these doctors have trained for years & years and they know best. The indigo was obviously not very old and they said for him to please take his medication because you need them if you are seeing things that are not there.
Obviously I have contacted the young Indigo and offered my support and all this could be easily moved away from if it were just a bunch of people on you tube, but these people have bought this into the mainstream media.
They were laughing and joking about how much fun they had whilst making the film.
Coming from a place of love and giving and utter service-to-others and knowing the truth about the Indigo and the New Children and how important they are to the shift I found this hard to take especially the ganging up on the young Indigo who commented "no one is ever on my side."
I left a few respectful comments aiming to show the higher dimensional picture to these people to bring balance to their perspectives but I realised that my energy alone needed to combine with my soul brothers and sisters in order to effectively move this negative situation into positive. So I deleted the comments.
So I'm writing this article for two reasons - one, to share the knowledge of the coming television programme so you know what to expect before watching it (I had already seen a post earlier in the day on a spiritual forum saying 'Yay, the Indigos are coming to Sky TV can't wait!" from some excited young Lightworker obviously having seen the programme advertised and hoping it would be positive for the Indigos and believe me it will be (but not in the way we would expect)
The other reason is to make my fellow Lightworkers, Starseeds & Wayshowers aware of the lack of understanding that is currently there regarding our wonderful truths of reality, specifically with the Indigo & New children who are indeed our future. For us to be able to focus this awareness into the planetary grid, the web of consciousness so that shall in turn be available for all. For us to become united in our support of the Indigo and New children so they may realise they do not need medicating simply because they are connected to the higher dimensions and the beings that reside there. For us to become united and look upon those who would seek to repress and ridicule our precious Indigos with love, compassion and understanding as of course they are us but also for us to stand strong together in our truth and knowing.
I would hope that the television programme might not be as biased in it's presentation, after all Edge TV have produced some excellent programmes bringing the awareness of the shift and of 2012 to it's audience but judging by the you tube site and the trailor to the film it doesn't look that way.
I have asked the Nine, my guides, to comment on this issue.
They assure me all is well in the bigger picture and they tell me that many of you are aware of this situation already, not necessarily about the program coming to Sky TV but about how our Indigo children are being treated by some. The Nine have told me this before but I had never come across it or actually seen a young Indigo standing up for himself whilst grown adults ridicule his higher sight and urge him to take medication.
The Nine tell me again, as they have said before, that systems have to crumble and fall before they can be rebuilt. It may seem as though those who are still entrenched in third density have all the power regarding the Indigo awakening but that is simply not the case. They tell me there are so many young Indigos and children coming in on other vibrations awakening now to their knowings and memories, that no amount of television programmes trying to discredit this truth shall do anything to stop the awakening of these children.
I shall now let the Nine speak on this.......
The children will always find the support they need and you the Lightworker, Starseed and Wayshower adults shall be there for them. Those that try to stand against these children and the adults who speak the indigo truths are existing in fear. They see the changes happening around them and it instantly pushes all their defences, they cannot accept or embrace the change and because of that they put up blocks and these blocks prevent them from feeling or understanding the shift. The Indigo vibration whether spoken by the conduit for the higher Light or by the presentation of the actual Indigo child in front of them threatens their very existence in this world and all they have ever known. Their only defence mechanism is to ridicule those that stand in the Light because they do not understand the Light therefore they cannot see the Light. In truth they cannot see those who embrace the Light so they make up their own construct in their own mind in order to regain some sanity for they are being pushed and they are clinging on to all they have known.
We have said to you Pixie many times that the raising of vibrations, whilst being joyful, blissful, healing and fulfilling for you and those like you, there shall be others who shall not find it so. We have spoken many times to you of this but now you are encountering this in your life rather than discussing it with us or standing as a conduit for our energy. What you are seeing Pixie is the beginning of the breaking down of systems that no longer align with the fifth dimensional frequencies, that no longer align with the Indigo frequencies.
So many of the Indigo vibration, both children and adults, are being activated now, overloading the system not built to hold so many that think outside the box. It is easy to keep down a few but impossible to prevent the blooming of an entire new generation.
However one shall view the television programme you speak of, and it may indeed bring up strong emotion in many, what it shall do is serve to bring the Indigo vibration into plain sight. Those who had the aim of discrediting and indeed halting the Indigo energy shall in fact do the opposite and the Indigos and the awakened ones and the New Children of Light shall come to the forefront and make themselves known in a scale previously not imagined. Therefore Pixie do not worry about the television programme or the intent behind it, no one shall take away the protection of the divine Mother. For you Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Starseeds who stand in knowing and in Light shall always feel the protection of the divine feminine energies, you shall embrace and personify these energies and you shall view these Indigo and New children as your children. You shall stand in the protective place as their Mother, be you male or female and they shall come to you for nurturing and nourishment until the time they shall stand strong in their own maturity and sovereignty, carrying forward the vibrational key that shall unlock the Ascension doorway.
The Light has always drawn ridicule yet it always comes from fear. Now those in Light stand so strong in love, and fear cannot exist where there is love.
Worry not about this television programme or those that have created it for what you resist persists. Instead look beyond the showing of this television programme to the outcome and the awareness of the Indigo vibration rising even more.
Stand strong together, as one, and nothing can affect or change your vibration for if you choose love, knowing, strength, compassion and bliss then that is what you shall have.
The Indigos have incarnated for many lifetimes and they have faced many situations, worry not Pixie, they are well equipped for what is to come.
Magenta Pixie and the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

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