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I can put a check mark on every question for myself as far as the criteria on who Indigo's are! As a child I "just knew" certain things, I was experiencing spirits as a child. But with a religious mother that casted out the demons in me, it stopped there, no more experiences because I thought I would be possesed! As a child I just always knew what was wrong & what was right as far as religion, the bible etc... people would tell me its this way & I would always nod & find out for myself! As an adult and after having my child it made me more curious since I needed to have a clear path as far as what beliefs I want to pass on to her. Since I started learning about Indigo's, conciousness etc... Ive been trying to attune my vibrations, Ive stopped eating anything processed & sticking to all natural foods fruits & veggies! My physical body has gone through some changes not much in a apearance but in how I feal. Just Yesterday I woke up in extreme stomach pains that lasted most of the day, the night before I had enjoyed a feast of processed chemical foods, since I rarely eat that stuff now I thought once in a while theres no harm......... atleast till the next day :) I felt much pain & The first time I stood up to go to the next room I experienced an intense surge (well im not sure what it was) but it was strange I almost fainted, I thought to myself though it wasnt the same sensation I believed it to be because Im feeling sick & I got up to fast. So the next time I got up I made sure to take my time & get up really slow as to not feel dizzy I walked a few steps & then the same surge sensation starting in my head then to my whole body. This happend 2 more times each time & tried to pay close attention as to figure out what in the world was going on. Ive been sick like this 3 times every time I have food that I used to be able to eat but since Ive changed my habbits every time I eat bad (processed foods) I get the same intense pain the next day.... but the surge experience only happened one day (yesterday)....... I dont know whether I am Indigo an ET or what have you, How do you know what categorie you are in? Any comments or insights are greatly apreciated!

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>>>>How do you know what categorie you are in?

I hear you !!!! I have noooo idea what category I fit in either.... All I know is SOMETHING BIG happened in my life a few years ago And I have NOT been the same since I was diagnosed Bipolor by a shrink, PTSD by a physcologist, and i am sure if i got tested I probably would be found as Dsylexic... or ADD

According to Kundallini research - I can identify with that
According to integrating the male and female - I identify with that too
According to Clairvoyance cleer seeing- I identify with that
According to channeling - I can identify with that as well (if poetry counts as chanelling)
According to Dark night of the soul- I identify with that....
Astral travel-- yep i think i do that
Flying dreams - yep do that too
The Christed child- yep I identify with that!!
Right now I am idenfifying with a sufi poet Rumi

lost in divinity and bliss . or is that the poet Kahil Gibran?

I have since "something" big!!! as a result

Found passion, Become a home caker , got a liscence to bake cakes, become aware of my contradictions , started studying Alchemy, Seperated from a long term marriage, changed my diet, care deeply for body and now get ANXIETY!
like crazy....... ( don't like that at all) Applied for a job but Dr won't sign my medical form " due to physciatric issues" a few years ago...which is a crock because I know my husband is behind that).. and i honestly dont give a bleep!

Can't stop listening to beautiful music...Violins... especially have no idea why..... Laugh hard and cry hard

See things that happen before they happen although i did this a little bit prior too

found a deeper love for people... but a hurting love for people

I get alot of noise in my head sometimes, like static on a radio.. to me it is an "interference", although lately it has been quiet and i like that

Get a sick feeling and feel threatened by certain people.. ( secretly i call them soul suckers) all they care about is taking and they do NOT have good energy,

I have also gotten dizzy, one day i was watching a video on you tube... it was about soul mates and all of a sudden i felt drunk lol.... ( seriously) I don't even drink!!!

can not Eat processed food...... it makes me feel horrible so i quit eating it .... i make all my own bread, pizza ( treat once in a while), soups i do not buy freezer to oven food period!!

Swimming makes me feel fantastic...... I often wonder if I was a dolphin in a passed life lol there is something healing and soothing about water for me....even when i was a little girl my father could not get me out of the water at the local Beach ...

thanks for letting me share :-))


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