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We are in the process of developing a very detailed plan for activism on a global scale and apologize for the delay.

Very soon, this website will exist in over 20 languages and the methods we will use for change will not be the traditional means of activism and protest that typically include leadership and followings.

You are the leader. You have to be, for if you ever expect to see a world that is truly free, where humans think for themselves and are in charge of their own lives, you must become that person now. You cannot wait for someone else.

The Zeitgeist Movement has a strategy based not on a centralization of authority, but on the independent yet ideologically collective actions of each one of us, working with a common understanding towards a common goal.

What is the goal?

The goal is real freedom. Not the illusion we walk in the midst of everyday of our lives, being poisoned by industry, enslaved by debt and controlled by self preserving mechanisms of the established power elite. Humanity needs to come together, and collectively recognize its common interests for well being, and work in harmony by sharing its ideas and resources through education, high level innovation and creativity, to achieve a sustainable society, where no one is left behind.

Imagine a world without debt and servitude; where the earth is utilized for its maximum potential without pollution or environmental destruction, and where acts of war, competition and other forms of corruption are nothing more than historical footnotes in future history books.

When we understand that sustainable progress does not come from competing with each other for property or identity, but rather from working together, we begin to see how paralyzed, distorted and, in many ways, imprisoned, our current world society is.

Please note that March 15th is the annual meeting day for this Movement (ZDAY). We are working to have a worldwide set of regional meetings in 2009 on this date. This could be a simple household meeting, or a large community affair.

As of now, we are preparing the 2008 Zeitgeist Movement Activist Manual. This will be available for free download when it is finished.
It will detail the reason, logic and methods of the movement itself.

In turn, even though we will have the main website in 20 or more languages to enable world wide communication, we will also have Region Template Activist Sites available for anyone who wants to begin a more local expression in their city or community. More on this soon.

As we work to do all this, please go through this Site, the FAQ, watch Zeitgeist Addendum and listen to the interviews with J. Fresco. Please visit The Venus Project's website as well.

The first stage is understanding.

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