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Hello every one I would like to start your first discussion by asking every one to post about their paranormal experiences; please feel free to be as detailed as you like. I only ask that people don't use any four letter words (You know what I mean) if they disagree or don't believe any of the accounts.

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I was talking to my friend Tracy in a really intense conversation and all of a sudden BAM! I was tossed out of my own head kind of and This Guy starts talking with my body! Tracy said my face changed and my voice changed. I hardly remember it but it scared me. The Guy sat there and gave Tracy detailed instructions regarding her problem! Was creepy!! Turned out the guy was my spirit guide ZACK and he just couldn’t take it anymore me giving bad advice so he butted in and gave good advice! Now that I know Zack I asked him never to do that to me again!!!


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