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We can help Mother Earth on her path towards ascension in many ways, here is ONE with 5 meditations:

Hi there guys!

I have been asked to bring this information to you by Channie Centara Cha, ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on Earth.
It is a beautiful way to speed up our ascension as well as Mother Earth`s ascension, along with some information regarding Mother Earth.

The first one "The Kit" I received september 20th, followed by "the special letter" september 21th, and "the continuation" I got oktober 16th.

Note: Channie is the writer of My E.T. Diary, My Angel Diary, and The Angelic Lake. You can read about Wistancia on her webpage,
I believe these meditations and information is important for all of us, so I share it with you:

THE KIT: To Reach The Right Frequency for Ourselves and Others

What In The World Has Happened and
Has Not Happened On Earth?
Where Do We Stand with The New Earth and Traveling in Space?
What We Can Do To Raise Up To The New Higher Vibration, Change Our World, and Meet The New!

By Channie

The Spiritual evolution and us ascending to a Higher dimension and a New Earth, is something that everyone has been waiting patiently for. The NET classes have spread many very good messages all over the world, doing things that have been amazingly good for Earth and really been helping. The Beyond classes have raised the consciousness here, but very much, also, in the Universe. This has bounced back to Earth and to us, by us raising their consciousness in World 2 and them helping us down here, so that they can get more information actually about The Beyond.

Earth was supposed to meet The New Earth. Humankind and everything existing on this planet, with animals, and plants and everything was supposed to float over to the New. To our new dimension in World 2. We were supposed to become a part of the Universe, as I know it, of Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. But also you were supposed to get acquainted with them, in the best of ways.

Let us compare this to a birth process where the baby has to press itself out to the free and new; the world outside. Our planet has to go through the same process, pressing itself towards a membrane of a Higher dimension that we were supposed to go up to. The membrane is called a dimensional wall. That wall has to burst open and let us through and then smoothly close itself behind us again so that nothing of World 2 could slip into World 1, but we would go from World 1 up to World 2.

But the membrane didn’t open for us and nothing of what the Extraterrestrials and all the others in the Universe had predicted and counted out from numerous other places (where planets had gone up to Higher dimensions), happened. It didn’t happen. Their predictions were made by calculating billions of other planets, like ours, going to a Higher dimension and what would usually happen in that process. But, in that case, nothing really exactly became what it was supposed to and did what it was supposed to do.

So when our Mother Earth was pressing towards this dimensional wall, She pressed and pressed and the wall buckled around Her. Instead of bursting open, it was like pressing a ball towards a rubber wall. And the dimensional wall became like a pocket around Her, embracing Her and almost closing itself behind Her. There was a very small gap into our old dimension left, but nothing else.

Earth was no longer in the old dimension. Neither was it in the new dimension or inside of the dimensional wall. So there became a screening off energy, a border, where suddenly another kind of dimension appeared. A kind of dimension that has never, ever been existing in this Universe or our Creation. A whole new kind of dimension that wasn’t really good for us.

The important word, in this case, is “screening off.” Because that was what happened in all levels of everything. Everyone started to feel that they were screened off. They were closed off from their real bodies in World 2 or higher. Their real bodies and their Higher Selves and their Higher Selves’ lives were screened off in many ways. Dreams were altered. And the temper and psychological effects were great.

When the psychological part of us is affected, it also affects the body and the cells. These two things also affect the next part of it, our frequency. It started to lower our frequency, our vibration. We had for many, many years battled the energy of becoming something greater than we were. And we have raised our vibration together, hand in hand, with Mother Earth for quite a while. The years 1991, 1993, 1996 were years when we raised our frequency very much. Our vibration was rising with our consciousness and Spirituality. When chakras, auras and an inner vibration in a body have once been raised up to a higher level, it is very destructive for the body to lower its vibration. Cells are decaying and there’s a very great risk in that, for our health.

Right now there haven’t been any landings and many people know about this. Why is this happening right now? The new dimension that I spoke of, (that never had been around before and suddenly was capturing Earth) was quite a beautiful sensation to see. A dotted gold shimmering dimension, but with not so nice effects on Earth. But it wasn’t that dimension that started our process with lowering our frequency. It was other things that happened.

Lately there have been landings occurring. Both Masters and other persons have done several landings on Earth. They have never told us, after these landings, that actually it affected their bodies in a negative way to come down here. If you have someone, as I said before, with a High vibration coming to a place with a lower vibration, that has usually been a possibility for them. Bu, in this case, the frequency is more than just a lower vibration on Earth. It affects their bodies today to land here and it would affect our bodies to go out in Space right now.

When they have come down here and if they come down here, their bodies will start decaying. But they would have a possibility to immediately create a new body for themselves or change that. If we are going with them out in the Universe and then going home, we could have a great problem with our bodies and we could not create a new one down here, ourselves. There are ways that are possible for humans to be able to get out in the Universe, but that is not the first thing to think about.

The important thing we need to think about right now is that our bodies have been decaying because of the vibrations getting lower within them. We need to raise the frequency, not only for ourselves but for everyone and everything on Earth, so that people on Earth would start feeling better, sicknesses will disappear that have occurred now and that have been sort of strange or weird. There are also medical things that haven’t been happening before that have started to be more common. Those kinds of sicknesses and problems will be helped by doing certain things.

What We Can Do About It: The Kit of Things to Do.

There are risks for a human to go out to the Universe and there are risks of being a human on Earth, it seems. So is there a possibility to do anything about this? Well, They were saying that it is a possibility for us to get out in the Universe and to feel better and there is a possibility to live on Earth and also feel better. There are ways that we can help nature and the animals and ourselves. And that is done by a Kit of Things that supposedly should be done by a few people over the world and by them doing these things, they will start a chain reaction, spreading all over the planet and raising our frequency back to what we had before things started to go wrong.

This Kit of things to do is simple. It doesn’t need a lot from the person, to succeed with it.

I am now turning to the people that went to the NET classes, people who have gone to The Beyond classes, and also people who are teachers for Universal White Time Healing, and asking them that if they have time and a moment to do these things. The chain reaction that would spread is from when you are doing it yourself and 14-17 hours from that moment. The energy will echo out and it will start to help the frequency of people. Of course, it will start first in you and then the surrounding people and then it will travel, further and further, until it gets back to you as a person. That, as I said, will take 14-17 hours.

These are a few of the things that I want you to do if you have a moment. There are five Parts.

First Part

1.Sit down, if possible, with a candle lit in front of you.
2.Think of you as a human sitting on the Earth that has a vibration within its core, within its soil and within you.
3.Feel the Quality and Energy of that Vibration.
4.Then within your mind, reach out in the Universe.
5.Close your eyes.
6.Imagine yourself traveling out in the Universe in our Blue Creation.
7.Ask, inside of yourself, to truly connect with the Frequency of World 2. It doesn’t matter if you see a planet or if you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you connect with a special part, or not.
8.Just Try to Feel the Energy, the Frequency, the Vibration that exists in this World 2.
9.Try, with your own words to find words to say within yourself, repeatedly, a few times, that means that you want to connect with the Vibration.
10.Then, ask to be a channel for that Vibration.
11.Take it down to your Crown Chakra.
12.Then very slowly push the Frequency and Vibration downwards to the Heart Chakra.
13.Let it rest in the Heart Chakra. Let it turn Clockwise a whole rotation or way around, slowly, in the Heart Chakra.
14.Then slowly push it down. Divide it by the Solar Plexus Chakra and let one part go down into the right leg and let one part go down into the left leg.
15.Let the energy go down within the ground around your feet. Then See Rings occurring around both of your feet, vibrating out that Frequency and spreading out from where you are, leaving your house or where you are staying and reaching out, further and further.

Second Part

For this one, you need 3 stones. You need a Rose Quartz, an Amethyst and a Hematite. It doesn’t matter what size these stones are or what they look like. They can even be included in a ring or a pendant. Those can be laid down on a table.

1.Place the Rose Quartz to the Right.
2.Place the Amethyst to the Left.
3.The Hematite is closest to you, like a triangle pointing towards you.
4.Connect with the 3 stones by looking at them and Feeling their Frequency. The Rose Quartz is supposed to be a Frequency connection with your Heart. It represents you and your Heart Chakra. The Amethyst represents the Core Part and Heart of Mother Earth. The Hematite represents the Core Energy of the Universe and its inner Vibration.
5.I want you to take in that Energy of what they represent. Go into a free meditation where you relax and let your mind be free to just hold the Frequency of the stones and what they represent.


6. Come back to that with your thoughts, over and over. Then after being within that and holding that thought,
7. Go into the Hematite Frequency of the Core Quality of the Universe Heart Inner Energy and Feel the Frequency of that one.
8. Compare the Hematite Frequency to the Amethyst Frequency of the Inner Core of Earth.
Try to have them match up to the same Quality and the same Vibration. Let yourself be like a scale for their Balance.
9. Then Say, inside of yourself, that you want to Raise the Frequency back to what it was before, letting the humans, the animals and the plants have back their Frequency Vibrations back to the level before it started to fall or lower itself.

10. Ask then to Raise the Vibration even over that Energy level (so that we can actually come out from this benefiting from not only getting back to the Vibration that we had, but to even come higher than that.)

I want you to try to find your own words, also, to explain what you want to do. That you want the cells to react so that their Vibration would start becoming higher and that it will even become higher than it was before, making the cells and the atoms that we are made of even stronger than they were before.

11. In your mind, Think that this will help Earth and the people on Earth, the animals and the plants to get a healthier, stronger life but it also will help us to a Higher Consciousness, Spirituality and life energy towards the fact that we will become Enlightened in a Higher Level and can reach the dimension that we so much need to go into now.

In this part, I don’t want you to have a wish for traveling outside of this planet or a wish to go up to The New Earth with the name of those two things being said. That we will do in another part.

Third Part

This next part is also like a meditation but also like a wish or a vision to see yourself with the Higher Vibration and the New possibility for Earth. The possible way for you to be on Earth and feel good, to be on Earth and be able to travel out to the Universe, and to be on Earth and be able to lift Earth and help with the process of Earth getting to the point it needs to be.; to go into a Higher Dimension and to reach the New Earth and merge with its Energies, so we can finally be lifted to this New place of ours.

1.Sit down and relax. Preferably light a candle in front of you.
2.Sit with your mind open and Feel yourself as a human. Try to move yourself a little bit where you are sitting. Move the legs and body and the shoulders and the head a little. Sort of feel that you are sitting and that you have a body.
3.Try to Feel your legs from the knees down to the feet. Feel the energy underneath your feet. Think and See yourself connected with Earth almost like you have cords from underneath your feet to the Core of Earth.
4.Connect with Mother Earth and Her Frequency. Feel that She actually needs a little bit of a boost, in this case, to get to a Higher Vibration.
5.Connect with your Heart Chakra. Feel the Heart Chakra. See it inside of yourself, taking in a Vibration that is Higher from the Universe above, like Rays from above. Small, small, and many, many Rays reaching your Crown Chakra and flowing down to your Heart Chakra
6.When they touch the Heart Chakra, it expands and becomes bigger. Now your Heart Chakra has the right Frequency!
7.Let the small Rays pour down into the legs and down to the feet, so that your whole body is in perfect Frequency and Vibration. You are connected with the Universe with all the Small Rays coming down from the Universe.
8.Ask to be Connected with the Whole of The Blue Creation and See the Rays even expanding with greater volume, and with even More Small Rays pouring into your Crown Chakra and reaching down to your Heart Chakra.
9.By doing that, you have also embraced other Worlds and Higher Vibrations than even World 2. You will have then included the other Worlds above World 2.
10. Ask inside to Connect with the Two Main Forces in this Creation. The True Original Force and The Created Original Force. The first represents Mother God Energy. The second represents Father God Energy.
11. Embrace these Two Energies in your Heart Chakra and relax.
12. The best is to have your eyes closed the whole time, but especially at this point.
13. Now you want to See the Light within inside of yourself. (The Light of the 2 Divine Beings.)
14. Ask that you are a part of everything needed to Raise the Frequency on Earth, to make it possible for humankind to have the right Frequency to be feeling good, but also to be able to travel out in the Universe, to complete their mission, to complete the classes and things they need to help everyone and everything.
15. Ask to Connect with The New Earth and the possibilities to let it flow closer to us and embrace this Old Earth. Letting us flow over to the New Environment of a Higher dimension, to be embraced and be a part of the New.

You can also continue with things that you want to add yourself, like meeting the ones that you have lost from this planet again on The New Earth or feeling the connections with Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings and the deepest of friendships. And to also connect truly with your Higher Self and understand things with a wider view and greater intelligence and wisdom.

Fourth Part

1.Lay down on your back.
2.Place a Rose Quartz on your Heart Chakra. Place an Amethyst on your Third Eye. Place a Hematite over your head by the Crown Chakra Ray.
3.Relax and close your eyes.
4.Feel the connection with Mother Earth and your own body. The Rose Quartz represents you and your inner Frequency and Vibration. The Amethyst represents Earth and Her Inner Frequency and Vibration. The Hematite represents The Universe and its Inner Vibration.
5.By laying down horizontally and having the stones this way, you are asking within this position, to Balance the Frequency on Earth.
6.I want you to add words with this. The words can be your own words, but there is one word that is very important.

“Hereby, I want to connect my body with Earth and the Universe, balancing the Frequency to Perfection. I call upon an Energy, a Quality that is called ENORAH.”

This Energy and Quality is going to help with balancing. It cannot be used until you come to this part of The Kit. But after coming to this part of The Kit, The Enorah Energy will be possible for you to use over and over again, writing the Name or calling upon it to Lift the Vibration for you, Earth and the Universe.

(You see by us lowering our frequency, that had a major effect on Mother Earth and the Universe. Of course you can say that Mother Earth lowered Her frequency together with us. It was no one’s fault. It just happened. But, in this case, we affect our surrounding environment in Space, and, in one way, the bigger picture, the Universe.
By us working with Highering back our Level of Vibration to the right Vibration, we will affect the Universe in a positive way. When our efforts are seen, we will get more help to even do more for us and the planet. The Enorah Frequency is a helping energy. It is a Ray of Frequency from something that reaches into The Beyond. It is a Name, or an energy level that the Universe usually doesn’t connect with.

Sometimes we need to turn to the smallest things and the lowest to help the Highest. In this case, The Enorah Frequency can only be used from this direction and upwards, so the Angels, Light Beings and Extraterrestrials wouldn’t be having the same opportunity to use this to help them to get to the right frequency.

8.Continue this meditation/relaxation, laying down and using your own words of how you want to balance everything, mentioning the Name a little bit, now and then, and feeling how you can Feel that Balance is Occurring.
9.Try to See, Feel, and Be Aware of something really happening. It will be possible to really Feel things within the body by doing this.

(If there is more than one person doing this Kit of Things, it is preferable that you do it together, instead of one person doing it and then the next one, within a family or group. The best is to do it all together. If you are a group who know each other, it is preferred that you do all of it together at a certain time, even if you are not in the same place. But timewise that it would be the same. Especially when you work with this part, it is beneficial to work at the same time.)

Fifth Part

1.Sit down by a table with a candle.
2.Put a Rose Quartz in-between the candle and yourself.
3.Sit down, relaxing and looking at the Rose Quartz and its pink color.
4.Connect with the Color of the Rose Quartz.
5.Then Close your eyes.
6.You are now holding the Vibration that is Higher than the one that you had a few hours or days ago, depending upon when you started The Kit. (This means, of course, that you can do this Kit over several hours or over a few days. The best is to do it within a day, with some time in-between each part.)
7.You are also representing the New Higher Vibration. Within this space of being within this Higher Vibration, I want you now to try to Lift other people, animals, plants, etc. to this Higher Form of Vibration.
8.Inside yourself, now Say each individual’s name or the animal’s name or the plant’s location. You can also sit by and hold, a person’s hand. Or you can have a cat or a dog close to you or hold your hand, reaching out for a plant.
9.Ask the Energy of your Higher Vibration to Transport Small Rays from your Heart Chakra to the person’s Heart Chakra. The Rose Quartz in front of you picks up the Ray of the Candle. This is a way to show the representation of the energy shining out.
10.Work with your Heart Chakra shining to the other person’s Heart Chakra. (If you want to, you can have small Rose Quartz pieces that you let represent the person, animal or plant that you want to work with. In that case, those small pieces represent those individual’s, animal’s or plant’s Heart Chakra or energy point. In that case, you place the small Rose Quartz pieces around your bigger Rose Quartz piece. Then as you Connect with the person in your mind, with your Heart Chakra shining to their Heart Chakra, look down at the small Rose Quartz piece representing them. Then in your mind, See a Shining Ray from your Rose Quartz in the middle to their little piece surrounding yours.)

11. When you have connected, Relax. Then Open yourself towards the Universe, letting your Crown Chakra be wide open for Taking in the Higher Vibration of The Universe.

12. Then once again, Feel your Crown Chakra and open yourself even further away and in a bigger way towards the Blue Creation.
13. Ask to have the Frequency and Vibration coming down of the Full Potential of what the Blue Creation represents.
14. Then take that Quality into your Heart Chakra.
15. Say,
“I want to transport the Frequency that the person,( animal or plant) you are thinking of, can take.”

(You can also then repeat the work again, once again, mentioning a person, an animal or the location of a plant, etc.)

16.You are then shining out a very High Vibration being like a Tool for that Energy without picking up too much of it yourself, actually. So, at the very end of this part, concentrate on giving yourself the Energy. Let the Frequency from the Crown Chakra go down from the Heart Chakra to the Solar Plexus. Focus on keeping the High Frequency Vibration of The All, within the Solar Plexus.
17. Continue until you See a very Bright Light shining up the Solar Plexus.

It can be said that we cannot take in too much. We cannot overdo it or destroy anything. We will pick up what we need. And because different people on Earth have gone to different levels of Spiritual growth, it needs to be taken down even more than we normally maybe have had as a Vibration or would have reached by now. We will help people who have gone further than we have, and people who have not gone as far as we have gone.

By going up to a Higher Vibration than our own and by reaching out to the Whole Blue Creation, we can help the ones and the things around us that need the Higher Frequency that we maybe couldn’t really reach right now. We will not take in things that could damage ourselves or be too much or too strong for us. But it needs to be said that we will feel/have an effect from this, and animals also and even plants. But do not worry; it is nothing that is dangerous. And the weird effect is only for one day. After that one day, you will be feeling stronger, more vibrant and healthier.

You may also put this out on your homepage if you have a website.

I hope that this message will reach as many as possible.

End Part

This information could be sent to anyone that you want to share this with. The more that are sharing The Kit, as They call it, it is going to help in highering the frequency of this planet and making it possible, in a quicker and smoother way, to become perfect.

People will have one day when they feel totally weird and the animals who live with you may ignore everything and may act a little strange. This is because what you do, affects the other ones. If you have animals, you don’t need to do this for specific animals. When you do it, it gives out the frequency within your closest environment, your house, your apartment, etc., and it will affect, of course, cats, dogs, and plants, whatever is living in the same environment. If there are more people that you share your home with, like a family or someone else, they don’t need to be doing this. They are still included and you doing it will be helping their energy to a higher level. If you live in a village or town the effect will be that your doing it will very quickly spread the vibration and help people in the surroundings.

The greatest effect of this rising Vibration will be, of course, in the closeness of your home environment, but the more people that are doing it, the better it is to reach the critical point when everyone has, and will be given, the Energy Frequency that we need to have. As I said before, the whole Earth will be covered, also very quickly, within hours.

If there are any misspellings or things that are grammatically wrong in this document, we apologize but we more wanted to get this out than to take the time to wait.


Note: As we have said Earth is the Knot and has a very important role to play at the end of The Game, when everything returns to The Beyond. That beautiful Knot has a role in plugging up The Beyond to be closed. The Knot at this time is sort of tangled up and it needs to be made perfect. It has an uneven pattern and it needs a symmetrical, beautiful pattern. Every place on Earth that is actually “Perfect” is a part of that pattern. So it would be nice for all of us, later on, when you are contacted again, to work together, letting the pattern be perfect for helping the rest of the Creations. All of the untouched, unspoiled places on Earth are supposedly part of the beautiful pattern that needs to be. So there are places to work with to strengthen.

This is just a little introduction to work that we will write about soon about how it is possible to help.

Much love,

Special Letter from Channie about The Emergency Kit

Everyone is very thrilled that it has been such a wonderful response from people that they want to work with this KIT and that they want to higher the Vibration back to the beautiful energy that we had and almost lost.

And now we are even, with this Kit, possibly raising the Vibration even Higher than we had it before. This affects Mother Earth who is of course, also, happy. It also helps our Solar System and it also helps our special part in the Galaxy, the Galaxy itself and the Universe and Blue Creation. All together everyone is benefiting by us working with this. Because our Spiritual Evolution is not only about us going to a Higher level and a new dimension and a New Earth. It is also about everything else going up to something Higher on their special level and in their specific way of vibration. So everyone is helped and everyone benefits by this beautiful work that you all do with The Kit.

I and everyone else thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you will maybe do it a few more times and really gather together in your minds for a better world and us taking a bigger step into something New.

If you want to you can do The Kit over and over again, but there are also other parts that could be done for working specifically with Earth or specifically with yourself, or specifically in other ways, to even reach Higher in Vibration. So there are more things that can be done. But this was the first Emergency Kit. If you haven’t tried it yet, we look forward to you doing it.

But already now with just a few people starting up doing it, it has improved Earth’s Quality very much! So already now, the improvement of the Quality is very much felt.



Hello, Everyone,
I hope this message finds you well and happy. SO much has been going on and it has been really hard to talk about some of it. it was changing so fast that Channie had a difficult time writing down updates with me, so that I could pass them along. Everything with Earth has been in such a flux and I am sure that you also have felt much of this.

Finally, we have a Tool. We have been given something concrete and wonderful to work with and I am very happy to bring this to you. I will be emailing many different groups of people. But I also ask you to please pass this on to people that you know would want to work with raising their frequency and the frequency of Earth for all the things to come. I know there will be teachers of UWTH I will miss and NET people. I hope I will reach all of the Beyond class people. But clients and healers and friends and family that you know as well as teachers, etc. will be very grateful to receive this. It gives us all something to do that can help everyone and everything!

Much love to each of you,

A Continuation with Advanced Kit Work
By Channie

First of all I want to say that I am very pleased with everyone’s fantastic work effort for Earth and humanity. The frequency and vibration of people, animals and nature has been very helpful for everything and everyone. I, myself, have worked quite a bit with the first Kit, but also with this more advanced part that allowed me to grow beyond what I was in frequency. This Kit also allowed me to work with my friends and animals to raise their frequency and help them. The middle part of this Kit is something to be worked with whenever you feel like you have a moment over for yourself and for our Spiritual Evolution.

If you have already done the First Kit, this one will be an easier way to continue to upgrade yourself, your friends and animals and nature. For this one, there is no critical mass number of people that has to be reached. There is for The Kit, but not for the Continuation. Please continue to share The Kit with people since the critical mass number has not yet been reached. Also, you can feel free to do The Kit and The Continuation as much as you want to.

Big Hugs,

The First Part is for Yourself

Start with sitting down in a quiet and relaxed state. Let your mind be free and not disturbed by anything. Breathe a few times to really relax and let your shoulders fall down a little bit, even though you want to sit straight. Close your eyes and imagine in front of you an enormous white sun. Seeing it shine with visible rays coming out everywhere. These rays are small and there are millions of them over the surface. Feel that your face, your Third Eye, your Thymus, your Heart chakra and your solar plexus almost wake up by its shine. Now see yourself being transported into this sunlike quality. Stand tall within the frequency of the sun.

Now ask that you will be accepted, embraced, and loved by the sun. Then use these words: “I seek guidance. I seek knowledge. I seek the vibration for a continuation.”

Then relax even more. See the sun vibrate out your new frequency/vibration. Then hear and receive a knowledge maybe spoken without words. It will be like something fills you with a new understanding. Something that you could practice in life. A secured feeling that you have an answer and that you don’t need to worry about your future. Then receive the guidance of this sunlike quality. The guidance is Light and will always follow you wherever Light is. But it also goes deep within inside of you and lightens up your inside cells and atoms with a new form of Light that will make you turn the right way and do the right things. The guidance is more than one guide or one guardian. It is your whole body starting to contain guidance.

Now ask again to be accepted, embraced and loved by the sun. This time there will be a feeling of warmth starting within the middle of yourself, spreading outwards into your legs and arms. When reaching the head, there is a clarity within your mind and it seems like you could think and act in a clearer way. Now relax even more. Step slowly backwards out of the sun and see the sun become smaller and smaller until it is just one of many stars in the sky. Now look down onto yourself seeing that you have become Light and that you are shining like one of the stars in the sky. Slowly rise to a position within a constellation with the other stars above. Then relax and stay in this feeling for as long as you want to.

For Whenever You Have Time

You can be outside or inside when you do this. It is a little meditation where you connect with Earth and with everything around you but also your higher frequency. If outside, start with seeing the Earth. Bend or sit down and say, “Here I see Earth. Here I feel Earth (touch the Earth). I want to bond with Earth and I want to help Her rise to Her new level. Accept my work and let my energy flow from myself to You. Heart to Heart, we connect and give.”

Sit down and with closed eyes. Let the energy of Earth be carried up and into your Heart. Then open your eyes and look up and think, “Sky to sky, far away to close, universe and Creation, hear my wish. I wish to bring down the frequency needed around me. The frequency needed for everything and everyone. I want to become like an instrument for the Force and Vibration. Let the frequency go through me and into the soil. I accept my role as this tool for everything.”

Relax and take in the sky, feeling the space outside of the sky and the universe. Connect with the Creation and become a part of it. Slowly almost move with the Creation’s energy. Take in the vibration and let it through you from the Crown chakra and down (if you are sitting down, let the base chakra work with you and anchor the energy into the ground).
Open your eyes and touch the ground and see your hands. Let the hands in your mind glow downwards with the new frequency. Close your eyes again and feel that that Light is even stronger. Try to feel the energy in the hands flowing and pulsating through.

Then rise up to a standing position. If you can, stretch your hands above your head and then make a flowing motion down with them and let yourself be standing with palms down. Think, “Hereby, I manifest all of the energies that I have taken down. The Universe and the Creation have worked with me and through me. Let them continue this work whenever and wherever it is needed.”

This is the end of the second part.

If you are inside, try to see and feel things as if you were actually outside.

For Friends and Animals, also Nature

Start with asking your friend, animal or nature if they want to be a part of this. It is easier, of course, to ask a friend than an animal. But you could almost feel in your heart when it is right to do it when it comes to animals and nature.

When you have done the First Kit and the first part of this document, you are ready to do it for others.

Light a candle on a table in front of you, preferably a candlestick. Ask that you will be able to hold the vibration and transport it over to your friend, animal or nature. Then, the ceremony begins.

Think, “This ceremony will hereby open up…. To a higher frequency/vibration. Hereby, I ask to connect myself with the white sun and with the highest vibration in this Creation. I let myself be a willing tool to take down and transport over energies to …….”.

Close your eyes and imagine your friend sitting in front of you on the other side of the candle. With an animal you could put them in the same place. And, of course, if your friend is visiting they can physically sit on that part on the other side of the candle.

Now see the white sun above you and above that the feeling of the wholeness of the Creation. The Creation’s highest vibration flows down into this white sun. The white sun’s millions of rays shine out the higher vibration. You want to almost see the rays pulsating or vibrating with this higher frequency. Now see how the rays meet the surface of your friend, animal or nature that you want to work with. First the person, etc., becomes lightened up like it was a bright daylight shining on them. Then the Light becomes absorbed by their body and you can suddenly see them almost shining out the Light and becoming like this beautiful sun.

Say inside of yourself, “Sunshine MEEILLOW frequency, let the Force of True Force begin. Let the frequency of Creation stand free around me. Light up my…. with Love and Force. Gracefully embrace the totality of ….”

Go back to looking or imagining your friend, etc., now holding the True Frequency of a new beginning. Feel in your Heart chakra a new connection between the two of you. One where you stand with the same frequency. Slowly open your eyes and do whatever you want to.
Hello, Everyone,
I just returned from Sweden and it was on the last evening of my trip that Channie dictated this Continuation and advanced Kit Work information. When I returned home, I found that I had to evacuate my home for 3 days with my animals. I really wanted to pass this on to everyone as soon as I could, but the wildfires were ranging in California. So even though Channie wanted to write more of a personal letter, when today I returned to my home, we were so excited to get this out, that we did not want to wait.

Please share this Continuation with everyone you have shared The Kit with. And if there is any problem with receiving this file, please contact me and let me know. It is difficult for me to get it to all of the people, teachers, etc., that really want to have this. And if you are yourself a teacher, please pass this on to your students and ask them to continue to pass it on to clients, family and friends. I am hoping that we will reach the critical number quickly so that this can totally change things. The original First Kit is now on my website ( and Channie wants anyone who is interested to feel free to put it up your websites also. In fact, I have submitted it to a New Age magazine, The Journal of Emergence, and it looks like they will be printing it in their next issue. I am hoping it reaches very many people in this way.

Much love in all ways,

Love you all, AS ONE!

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You are so welcome, my friend :)
The latest info regarding The Kit work is that it has accelerated Earth's movement toward her ascension with extreme speed. I want to thank all of you who has done these beautyful meditations, for you have helped us all.

We are now very much closer to our goal!

Love to you, my dear friends.


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