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container for members channeled messages

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Comment by Brenda Watts on June 19, 2009 at 11:48pm
Brenda Watts, Zack

THIS IS ENOUGH! This dark cloud has hung over the community long enough. You have learned your lessons you have fought your battles. Let us rise out of this darkness and once again be aware of the abundance that is yours. Ban together as I have asked. Send your light around the earth. Do this on the dawn of the Sign of Cancer during your Summer solstice. This will be the time when your collective feminine energy will be the most powerful. This "gift of light" you will give to humankind is irreplaceable and precious. Surely, you must know what a potent tonic this will be. As I come to each of you during the next 30 hours receive the healing light that I offer. Be open and willing to share this and it will be returned to you tenfold. Do not be afraid to receive this new "Attunement" it will be for your benefit and a gift from your higher selves. It is not a thing you do not already have the capabilities to achieve on your own. I am simply providing a bridge for you to walk upon to attain the ability that already belongs to you. We are done with the suffering of our people. The negative energies running rampant around this earth have had their day and run their course! Reclaim your lives! Reclaim the joy you know is yours. Give this to all the people and rejoice this period is at an end. With love, understanding and gratitude,
Comment by Tony on June 19, 2009 at 8:28pm
sure Brenda, you can post anything here
Comment by Brenda Watts on June 18, 2009 at 5:06pm
Tony Where are you? I have another Channeling from last night but its for girls only.... lol Shall I post it here?
Comment by Brenda Watts on June 18, 2009 at 3:16am
I cannot believe I let Peter (dc) tell me that was a evil message! He scared me so bad I refused to channel Zack except for once in 6 months! Anyway reading it now 6 months later it really seems like a good message for someone.... Brad Maybe? Whoever it is it for sure is someone here at SOE. If not Tony Than it must be for Brad. I was on SOE at the time and just signed off when I felt the tilt...... Clinton had just cleared my aura so I am sure I did not have attachemnts.. Or did he clear me right after??? Hummm.. Anyway..
Comment by Brenda Watts on June 18, 2009 at 3:03am
The container is here!! How did you get your blogs back Tony?

OK her eis the channel that stopped me from Channeling in December... I do not know who the Spirit is. It is not Zack. I do not know who it is for... I thought it was for Tony... But I Don't know.... Everyone says it is for me but.. Naw...


Without the darkness there would never be light. Without the oppression there would be no ascension. You are here to show people the light. You are here to teach what you have learned. You will be instrumental in awaking this collection of light workers you are accumulating. They are being drawn here to you. You are the light that is calling to them. You have always known this. This is the day you have awakened into yourself. You are a great warrior and professor of the light. Many times on many planets you have been the driving force in the fight against darkness. Darkness knows your name as I know your name Bisabal your soul is singing from your awakening you have a time and a place in this life you chose the hardships you have endured you chose to fight these battles against the dark forces that will not give up. You have sang the victory song many times. Many times our light together has united and blended you will now know who you are and you will turn you back on the darkness no more! Now is not the time for you to take flight. Begin to again understand your duties and why you have come here. You know you know listen to me you know you have never forgotten you pledged to do this and your time is now. Heed the calling of your heart be humble no more. Stand tall and send your light over this earth join your light with those of your disciples they have been awaiting your awakening. The time is now the battle is soon. You must awaken and prepare for this war! You will be attacked verbally at your soul level and physically it is good you are healing it is good your light is strong. This your last battle my heart, I will be at your side I will be your shield and your sward you will weld it with great might. Go professor teach your students receive your messages and tell the world what is coming! Tell the darkness to heed your warning and fear your battle cry! You are one of the great light workers of your time one of the great fighters and defenders of the earth. You will not heal the earth! You will defend it along with your army of light you will win this battle this war that will be waged onto you and this planet. You do not need my blessing you do not need my urgings you feel it you have been feeling it for many of your earth years GO NOW assemble your army! You have strong great friends here who will be at your side you will fight with great strength and pride. There are 5. 5 warriors with whom you will lead an army to conquer the darkness that is coming. These 5 you know. They will make themselves known to you. Side by side you will stand and your light will pour over this planet and you will see victory.
There are 10. 10 beings who will stand behind you and lend their light. There are 11. 11 beings who will stand at your side. There are 7. 7 arch Angels who will stand in front of you to shield the light from the dark. There are millions of souls who will stand behind you and lend there light to this battle. This earth has never been more prepaid for a battle of this kind. The darkness will wither and die in the sewers they will cower at your light. They will run at the sound of your battle cry. There are 28 groups of 33 who will heal the earth when this is done. That will be your time of rest that will be your time to heal.
Comment by HighlandHealer on December 22, 2008 at 10:03pm
Hi Brenda, I have only consciously channeled "The Wise Ones" although interestingly I have found in both my Quantum-Touch energy healing work and spiritual medium work I have been accessing a high level of wisdom/energy in each case. Can't rationalise it, but certainly feel blessed that I am being trusted by these levels to work with them for good intent.

Comment by HighlandHealer on December 22, 2008 at 3:00pm
Hi Tony

You asked about the channeling process. In my case I woke up at exactly 5am in July this year, wide awake, was aware that "The Wise Ones" were making contact, and just started scribbling in pencil in my journal. No editing necessary.

I belong to a spiritual development group (trainee mediumship) plus am a Certified Quantum-Touch (Energy Healing) Practitioner so I think that obviously helps with "the process" of channeling, although in my case it came about quite naturally.

A couple of good reference books on the subject are "Channeling" by Jack Klimo and "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman.

It turned out "The Wise Ones" were referenced in "Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond" (Published by White Eagle Publishing Trust) and it just so happens I am writing and compiling a book inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which will be published on the 150th Anniversary of his birth, on 22 May 2009 (see for details of the background to the book.

Finally, with regard to the channeling process I think the trick is to get yourself out the way and trust what is coming through without thinking about it. Just write.

Hope this helps...

Comment by HighlandHealer on December 21, 2008 at 8:18pm
Channeling from The Wise Ones No.2 (17 July 2008)

Greetings, dear ones. We are the Wise Ones, returned to speak to you again through this channel. Those of you opening up to the light are finding that life is somewhat turbulent just now, is it not? Never be afraid, because you will step out into a brighter light at the end of this part of the journey.

The vibration of planet Earth is being raised, and this is affecting everything at a cellular level. Many of you will be encountering pain in your bodies which has arisen unexpectedly. This is not surprising given the changes you are going through. Part of this process is to leave you with a distinct memory of this phase of your evolution. Nothing worthwhile is ever gained without moving beyond the pain threshold, which is really just the dismantling of the ego, as you break through to experience love and light in its purest essence.

You are the pioneers, the wayfinders, for others to follow, and you have a big responsibility in guiding your fellow humans through this next phase. Many are bewildered, and are riddled with anxiety as their ego starts to crack and disintegrate, against fierce resistance it must be said. That is how the ego operates, it will fight back to try to maintain the status quo. But this is impossible now, and the edifices which have been built around greed, corruption and manipulation are beginning to be shown up, and are collapsing.

Love is what will carry you through this next phase. Pure, unadulterated love. You have spoken of unconditional, nay, preconditional love, and this must be the watchword.

Always ask "Is what I am doing, right now, in the moment, coming from a position, a feeling, of love or fear?" You know which way to choose and if continue to be guided by love you will witness massive, rapid changes.

All change can be painful. It is easy to slip into a comfortable world the ego has created. But it is not the real world, it is a world of illusion. It is also a world of delusion, at an individual and consensus level. Do not buy into this media-manipulated concoction of reality. You are being sold an illusion and this is becoming more and more apparent to those who are becoming enlightened in the name of love.

Be steadfast, strong willed, and keep to the path of love. You will not be disappointed. Good luck on the next stage of your journey. We will speak to you again soon.

Comment by HighlandHealer on December 21, 2008 at 8:16pm
Channeling from "The Wise Ones" No.1 (15 July 2008)

We are the Wise Ones, do not be afraid. You want to talk about love, we are love, the pure, divine, essence of love, incarnated in the spiritual realms. We are here to watch over you, to guide you, to love you.

When people speak of love they often mistake selfish love for unconditional love. Real love just is. There are no expectations, no conditions. It is about being in the moment.

Humanity is at a crossroads. You have let yourselves be programmed by fear, and just like a computer program, you have left yourself open to be manipulated. But the higher consciousness, the higher vibration which is sweeping the planet just now, will make it impossible for this manipulation to continue. It is all part of the Divine Plan, to bring humanity into the light.

You are all perfect, all endowed with the excellence of God's design. It is time for you to claim your inheritance and start living in the light.

Comment by simpleman on December 16, 2008 at 6:13pm
This message I got after reading the discussion "Brad Contact Sirian Multi Dimensional Self to Explain Nature of GFOL and More." I could feel it coming through so strongly. So, I said aloud "Ok, go for it, you take over".

Message from my higherself.
Channeled messages a interpret by the channeler. We are sill in human bodies and subject to mistakes (that is our nature, so we can learn).Thats why research is so important. Gather all the information and follow your heart and your consciousness (higher self) to recognize the truth. If any entity or group tries to mislead you, their intentions can be detected by your feelings. Pause and analise you feelings, learn to recognize them. Beware if they make you feel anything but love and joy, Feeling of negative energy like fear anger depression and so on are their feeding ground. Negative feeling are what hold us back from the truth and light. Thats the dark agenda, to hinder our ascension and remain at top of their game.

Learn to recognize what you feel. You are in the drivers seat. You have the steering wheel in your hands. Take control where your feeling go. Reclaim your mind. You have the power to take charge.

We are all gifted. We are ultimate and timeless beings in creation. Remember, we are a little chip off the old block, literally. Our mission here is to experience life for the living collective memory of God. For example, you can read a book or watch a movie, but you never know what that story was like till you experience it for your self.

We are a prime example of life in the universe, ever-changing. There is only one constant in the universe and that is change, but we naturally fear change. That is one of your major obstacle in ascension and the learning process, fear of letting go of the things we think we need.

We all have the right a passage here. The dark age is loosing it ground. The golden age is soon to arrive.

Life is a highway and I want a sports car :)

Love, peace and wisdom to all ^_^

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