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Solutions In The Midst of Diversity By Patricia Cota-Robles ... And ... Making Exalted Choices for Life By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... Emmanuel Dagher's February Energy Forecast - The Spark Is Back

by Patricia Cota-Robles
February 1, 2017
When we see the many challenging things taking place around the World, it is obvious that this is a very confusing and sometimes frightening time. In many instances it looks and feels like no matter how hard we try things seem to be getting worse. I know that is very disheartening and many people feel hopeless and helpless when confronted with all of the adversity occurring on this planet. But the good news is in spite of outer appearances things are NOT getting worse, quite the contrary.
This phenomenon is happening because there is an unprecedented Awakening taking place within the hearts and minds of Humanity. People everywhere are beginning to remember that they are not just their fragmented and fear-based human ego. They are a beloved Son or Daughter of God who is on Earth during this auspicious time for a reason.
There is a powerful stirring taking place within the Divinity of every person’s heart. This is causing people to remember that they have an important mission to fulfill and that they have come to Earth to accomplish a critical facet of their own, and Humanity’s, unfolding Divine Plan. Some of the people may not yet remember the specifics of their mission on a conscious level, but the prompting in their heart is causing them to go within and to seek answers.
When we go within to seek answers, the floodgates of Heaven open in response to our questions and our heartfelt pleas. Sometimes we do not realize this because we fail to take the time to listen for answers to the questions we are asking. Nevertheless, our prayers are always heard and they are always answered. Every single day, the Awakening taking place at this time is inspiring literally BILLIONS of people to go within and to reach out to God or a Higher Power in one way or another.
With every request, the Light of God flows through the Divinity within the heart of the person making the request and floods into the person, place, condition or thing the person is asking God to help. The Light of God penetrates into everything that conflicts with that Light and pushes it to the surface to be healed and transmuted back into its original perfection. This is why it appears as though things are getting worse. But once that negativity has been healed and transmuted, the Light of God will then fulfill the highest good of whatever the person is requesting.
Things only seem to be getting worse because we look at the outer world and we can easily see the horrific negativity being pushed to the surface at a mind boggling pace. What we do not see, however, is the incredible Light of God that is pushing those confusing and painful things to the surface. The important thing for us to KNOW is that this greatly intensified purging would not be occurring if it were going to cause more harm than good. This accelerated purging is happening because Awakened Humanity is remembering that WE ARE THE ONES who have either deliberately or inadvertently miscreated these painful things sometime during our Earthly sojourns. And we realize that WE ARE THE ONES who are responsible for transmuting these gross mutations back into Light before we can cocreate the lives we have been longing for since our fall into separation and duality aeons ago.
Within the embrace of God’s Divine Grace and the intervention of our I AM Presence, we have all agreed to experience the intensity of this purging process, because we know that the faster the negativity surfaces the sooner we will be able to transmute it back into Light. Then the way will be cleared, so that we can cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth tangibly in our lives. Those are the exquisite patterns of Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.
The wonderful thing is that this greatly accelerated influx of Divine Light is also raising Humanity’s vibrations. This is helping people to raise their heads above the negativity surfacing to be healed. Once we get our heads above the mud puddle of our painful human miscreations, our I AM Presence is able to easily communicate with us and will motivate us into action.
Millions of people are now listening to their Heart’s Call and taking action. They are no longer willing to just stand by or to be silent in the face of adversity. Awakened people no longer feel helpless or hopeless. They realize that they are not just the victims of circumstance; they are the cocreators of their lives. They feel empowered and they KNOW that when they join with other people their ability to change the course of history is limitless.
Evidence of this Truth is the fact that women, men and children around the World are taking to the streets and to social media to protest the abhorrent things that our leaders, our corporations, and people in general are doing to one another that do not reflect the fact that WE ARE ONE and there is no separation. This means quite literally that there is no such thing as “us and them.”  What we do to harm one part of Life harms ALL Life. What we do to enhance and bless one part of Life enhances all Life. The time for us to REMEMBER that profound Truth and to act from that knowing is NOW!
As the negativity is pushed to the surface and transmuted back into Light, we must replace those discordant human miscreations with patterns of perfection from the New Earth that will enhance all life. The Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth have revealed that the patterns from the New Earth that will have the greatest impact in transforming this planet from the illusion of duality and separation into the reality of Divine Love, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life are the inseparable patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.
According to the Company of Heaven, the greatest need of the hour is for Awakened Humanity to magnetize these patterns from the Realms of Cause where they are pulsating in all of their resplendent glory, and anchor them into the physical plane of Earth so they can tangibly manifest in every person’s life. This is a critical facet of the unfolding Divine Plan for 2017.
In response to the heartfelt pleas of millions of people, the Company of Heaven has given us a powerful Activity of Light that will empower each of us to magnetize the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the Realms of Cause into the physical plane of Earth.
To begin to fathom how important this phase of the Divine Plan is, just imagine what the outer world will be like once Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are tangible realities in every person’s life.
We are powerful beyond our knowing. Together we have the ability to manifest these patterns in what will be perceived as “the twinkling of an eye” compared to the aeons of time we have been miscreating the illusions of separation and duality.

Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance tangibly in our lives.To help us accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan for 2017, I have produced a YouTube video that will allow all of us to easily participate in the Activity of Light that has been given to Humanity by the Company of Heaven with the Divine Intent of guiding us through the process of anchoring the patterns of
A YouTube Video
Cocreating Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance
by Patricia Cota-Robles
Patricia Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
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Video: "Cocreating Eternal Peace and God's Infinite Abundance" 

Making Exalted Choices for Life By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel invites us to expand our abilities to create greater possibilites for living in empowered states of consciousness.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy,
and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.


Shanta GabrielFrom the beginning of my association with Archangel Gabriel, he spoke to me in CAPITALS. While writing the messages that I received, I noticed that often these capitalized words contained high frequencies of energy and deeper meanings.

Words such as Life, Peace and Joy would all be written with capital letters to give them stronger emphasis. It became clear that these words represented Qualities of Consciousness. The capitalized words acted as Spiritual Principles that carried a deep, resonant frequency. When I played with these words in my meditations, they had the power to change my consciousness.

Archangel Gabriel suggested that I sit in the consciousness of an empowered word like a bath of Divine Light. This became a focal point for my meditations. I was coached to imagine immersing myself in Peace or Joy for a few minutes. I was told, "Let the Light frequencies in one of these words fill every fiber of your being and flow into your heart. After you feel this energy strongly in your heart, let the Light fall through your base chakra to anchor into the earth." When I followed these instructions, I was surprised by my illuminated ability to sense the Divine Intelligence inherent in the qualities of Light these words represented.

As the energy frequencies on the planet have increased, so has the power of certain words to change our vibrations and affect our lives through their magnetic resonance. Each of these powerful words acts as a Spiritual Principle that we can bring into our lives. It is our focus of attention that helps to attract these qualities into our energy fields, where they can empower us to new ways of being.

When I meditated with these words, I could feel that my energy would be uplifted by their power. It felt like these capitalized words were acting as living frequencies of Light that became available to me in a new way. I could make these words into my intentions for the day or direct them into different areas of my life, and I would feel the impact that focus would have.

Archangel Gabriel has stated that there is a clear requirement for us to anchor these higher energy frequencies on the Earth so the consciousness of all people can be uplifted. When we sit in the field of Divine Light frequencies carried in certain words of power, we create a bridge from Heaven to Earth. As simple as it seems, this exercise has the capacity to create beautiful change on the planet as well as in our own lives.

Sometimes these words of empowerment would come in groups of three with the same first letter. When this happens, I feel a bit of Angelic play afoot. Once when I was nervous about a trip to visit family, the words I received for my intentions were Harmony, Happiness and Humor. Keeping these key words and the magnetic energy that filled them in the forefront of my attention changed the trip in a wonderful way and resulted in a very positive outcome.

Creating new life begins with our intentions for what we want to experience. We have a choice, moment to moment, where we place our attention. These choices open us to amazing support from the Universal beings that believe in our Soul Purpose and are committed to our expanding consciousness. This level of alignment to Source energy assists our ability to be more conscious in life. As we immerse ourselves in the power of living words of Light, we allow the Divine Presence to work within us, inspiring the heart-centered action we need to fulfill our Soul's Destiny on Earth.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for helping me to open into new expansive awareness of the fields of Living Light available to humanity right now. I ask to be more clear about what I need to feel fulfilled, happy and more successful in every area of my life.

As I center myself in the holy words of this empowered language of Divine Light, I ask that I be a clear channel to anchor these frequencies on the Earth in more grace-filled ways. As I stay in alignment with the living fields of Light now available, may I and all of humanity become more aware of the depth of spiritual connection available to all of us at this time.

May all be awakened to the pure potential and Grace being offered for our awakening consciousness on the Earth. Thank you God and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
January 29, 2017
The Gabriel Messages Book #54
Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy,
and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Dear Ones,
This is a universe of free will. The Angels will not step in to assist without being asked. “Ask and you shall receive” was the statement of master Jesus. So it is important to ask for this support in all the choices you make in your life, from moment to moment.
When you make a choice to think in a positive, instead of negative way; when you make a choice to accept, rather than judge, the decisions made by another; when you agree to give instead of waiting to receive; all these choices are examples of opening your heart and mind to receiving your highest good. When you choose the highest good for all, you signal the available energy in the universe to come to your aid. Miracles will occur naturally all around you, by your willingness to receive them. People will suddenly begin to give to you in a different way. Synchronous events will transpire in ways you never thought possible. This is the natural flow of God’s grace available to all who are willing to work in harmony with Divine Energy and have the forces of the universe align behind them.

There is a Universal Flow of energy awaiting your command. You live in the pure potential of All That Is, a River of All Creation. When you are aligned with what you want to create, and open to receive, that powerful river of creative energy will flow in the direction of your intentions. It is the natural order of life, yet it will feel like a miracle.
These results also come from willingness on your part to have your life be good, and to allow others to love and support you. It has to do with knowing what you want and asking for it directly, as well as having faith to know that there is a greater order and good available to all who believe.
So accept that what is occurring around you in your life is a reflection of what is occurring within you. Begin to make small choices to experience love instead of fear, to forgive the person who has wronged you, even when the action seems unforgivable, to give thanks for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have, and to believe that miracles can occur in your life, when you are willing to receive them.

These shifts in attitude bring a return of greater Love, Joy and Fulfillment in your life. It all begins with you and with your sincere willingness to allow the Angels and the Universal Presence to come to your assistance.

So remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:
Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy,
and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Shanta Gabriel
January 29, 2017
A monthly forecast created with the intention of providing you with clarity of what's going on energetically on the planet as a whole. As things continue to shift quickly, may these energy forecasts support and remind you that you are not alone on this journey. These updates serve over 200,000 + unique readers every month.
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Emmanuel Dagher's February Energy Forecast - The Spark Is Back

My friend,

Before we get to the many new energy updates coming through for you, my heart desires to express its deepest gratitude to you.

Thank you for choosing to incarnate on beautiful Earth during this transitional time and space.

Thank you for being committed and proactive with your inner healing and development, which is greatly helping to raise the consciousness of humanity.

It’s because of your willingness to walk a mindful and awakened path that the world is evolving at lightning speed now.

For all of this, and so much more: Thank you, and I love you.

The Spark is Back!

The sleepy and moderately stagnant energies of January are now being cleared out, in preparation for the many changes that will start to reveal themselves in February.

The visual that comes closest to explaining what’s happening, is that of a home that’s been closed up for a long time now being aired out with fresh new air by having all its doors and windows opened.

Although we are already one month into 2017, that “fresh start” feeling will become more palpable in the coming weeks during February, if not sooner.

As mentioned in the previous forecast, this year will be a very powerful one, because it will align with the intentions and actions we are choosing to focus on the most, especially those having to do with love, health, finances, career, and creative ventures.

What we are choosing to focus on now is setting the tone for what the next nine years of our lives will look like.

There won’t be much of a middle ground when it comes to moving forward, so it’s important to choose our path with care and certainty.

February will provide us with fertile ground to awaken our inner spark again, even though it may have felt like that spark has been hibernating for a while.

Once we feel our inner spark of positive feeling lighting up again, it’s important to use it to motivate and inspire ourselves to move in the direction we most want to experience.

February is definitely not a time to just sit on the sidelines. It’s a time to take action, even if it’s as simple as writing down the ideas, thoughts, and inspirations we’d like to follow up on later.

Just that in itself is being proactive, and will help us move forward in the direction we desire.

What the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse Means for Us

On Friday, February 10th, we will experience a lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo.

The way this lunar eclipse is lined up, its energies will activate the free spirit within all of us. This will have us desiring to play, have fun, and be creative, even more than we are now!

In fact, anything that tries to resist or hold us back from being in these energies of play, fun, and creativity (which includes the mind, as well as our whole selves) may evoke a strong desire to suddenly release built-up tensions in ways that may not be the best for us.

The good news is that the releasing of any unresolved tensions we may be carrying in our body will shift our energies in ways that help to change our current circumstances.

However, it’s important that we are giving ourselves daily opportunities to have a healthy energy release, whether it’s through yoga practice, walking, dancing, being creative with art or music, laughing, playing sports, or any other positive outlet, so that our circumstances can shift in a direction that’s in alignment with the highest vision we hold for our lives.

We wouldn’t want to create unnecessary hurdles and blocks for ourselves, just because we dramatically reacted to something in a way that doesn’t reflect who we truly desire to be.

If we are able to remain steadfast in our ability to release any built-up tension we may be carrying, in a productive and healthy way, this lunar eclipse will open us up to an abundance of good fortune, joy, and energy.

This will be an excellent time to rekindle old relationships that may have become a bit stagnant, and/or to become open to new ones.

So whether it strikes us as comfortable or uncomfortable, this is the time to be social and move out of any tendencies to hide from social situations.

Our light is choosing to shine brightly, so let’s give it full permission to shine!

Whatever resistance the mind tries to create to keep us from shining, can now lovingly step aside, and just observe our radiant glow. We don’t have to “get rid” of the resistance. We can just acknowledge that the resistance is not us.

It is just a coping method the mind uses to remain in its comfort zone.

Realizing this creates more peace in us, and more space for greater healing and expansion to show up in our reality.

What the Upcoming Solar Eclipse Means for Us

On Sunday, February 26th we will experience a solar eclipse in the sign of Pisces.

This first solar eclipse of 2017 is a special one, because it will usher in a new energy of optimism, and deep inner sense that our future, and the future of the collective as a whole, is indeed a bright one.

Optimism of this caliber has felt to be missing for quite a while, so it will be welcomed with open arms by many.

This solar eclipse will also bring with it a great deal of lightness, joy, and good fortune. The rain cloud that seems to have been following us everywhere will disappear, and the sun will come out to play again.

Picking up from where the February 10th lunar eclipse left off, the months following this eclipse phase have the potential to turn our dreams into reality.

The key is to remain open, honest, and prepared to take action when we feel an inner nudge to do so.

Releasing Our Passivity

It will be very clear that sitting and waiting for things to happen is not the best use of the alchemical energies being gifted to us.

If you are someone who tends to be more on the passive side, give yourself permission at this time to try on the energy of decisive action. Being active and involved allows us to be the intentional Creator of our lives.

If the mind creates resistance around this, oftentimes the root cause is a resistance to taking full responsibility for the fact that we have always been the Creator of our lives.

A responsibility is not a burden—very often, believing that causes the mind to resist accepting full responsibility for knowing that we are the Creator of our lives.

Taking real responsibility is actually a form of complete acceptance of the present moment, which instantly moves us out of linear time and into eternity, or no-time.

We are at our most powerful when we are fully in the present moment, especially when choosing to design what our lives will look like.

This is the time to be really clear about your vision for your life, and to recommit to yourself and to the Universe within you, that you are choosing to take full responsibility for the fact that you have always been the Creator of your life.

This alone will align you with the energies needed to help you manifest the reality you’ve always desired.

The solar eclipse on February 26th will also open us up to higher states of spiritual development, therefore also healing any physical, emotional, and mental limitations we’ve had up until now, which we have allowed to limit us in some way.

As with any eclipse cycle, it can tend to bring out some heightened sensitivities.

During this powerful time, it’s important to make sure that we are well-hydrated, spending time in Nature, eating healthy organic foods, giving ourselves a healthy energy release daily, and spending time with people, places, and things that activate great joy in our lives.

This will help us move through and work with the magnetic energies available to us in an optimal way.

Quantum Growth

The phase between February and June 2017 will be an amazing opportunity to create quantum growth in all areas of our lives.

By remaining in the flow of life, and concentrating less on needing to be “in control” at this time, we will look back at this period as a time of great expansion, healing, and empowered movement in the direction of our most desired reality.

What an exciting time it is to be in this world!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours


new picture 2017 smaller

Please make yourself at home on my website, and feel free to browse around to see if there's anything else that you may resonate with or find support in.


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