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Dear friends, here are some good authors to sustain us on these times.
I have to point out that I have this list in romanian, so I had to translate the titles, maybe they are a bit different from the originals.
Most important is to check on the authors, this is not a complete list of each one's works.

Please, contribute with your preferates and important ones.
thank you
love, mariell

Neale Donald Walsh

- Conversations with God (1-3)
- Friendship with God
- Communion with God
- Grace moments
- Those that bring the light
- Questions and answers on Conversations with God
- Conv. with God for teenagers and parents
- The New revelations
- The Tomorow God

Paul Ferrini

- Christic Mind reflections - four parts: Unconditional Love, The Silence of the Hearth, The Miracle of Love, The Return to the Garden
- Words of wisdom for every day
- The Laws of Love
- The Power of Love
- How to create a spiritul relationship
- Enlightenment for everyone

Debbie Ford

- The dark side of the light seekers
- Proper questions
- The secret of the shadow

John J. Falone

- The Genius frequency - instructions on how to acces the cosmic mind
- ET 101 - cosmic manual with instructions on the planetary evolution

Suzanne Ward

- Matei, tell me about Heaven
- Revelations for a new era
- Iluminations for a new era
- The voices of universe
- The era of light


- To live with light
- In resonance
- Gods' food
- The law of love
- Biofields and extasy
- The divine radiance
- The harmonious healing
- Prana

Ken Keyes and Penny Keyes

Recepies for happiness

Russ Michael

- The soulmate is calling for you

Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene

- The Hathor teaching
- Messages from a ascended civilisation

Deepak Chopra

- The healing of the soul from fear and suffering
- The way towards love
- Get younger and live more

Ram Dass

- Words for the soul

Shirley MacLaine

- Camino

Lee Carroll and Jan Tber

- Indigo children

James F. Twyman

- The love emisars
- The light emisars
- The inner peace

Bruce Davis

- The spring of healing is love
- The simple peace of the soul
- Monastery with no walls

Marianne Williamson

- Magical love
- The daily grace

Doreen Virtue
- Indigo children
- Cristal children
- Healing with angels
- Treatment with angels

Sri Vasudeva

- You are the light
- The inner divinity

Sotirios Crotos

- The Jesus Christ's disciple

Antony de Mello

- The consciousness


- The Creator seria
- The Ascending seria

Gregg krech

- Naikan

Stuart Wilde

- The force

Carlos Warter

- Return to the sacred

Gregg Braden

- Isaia effect
- God's code
- The awakening to the zero point
- Stepping between worlds
- The divine matrix

Augusto Cury

- Wise parents, brilliant teachers

Michael dawson

- Healing the cause
- Forgiveness

Brian Weiss

- Many bodies, the same soul
- Many lives, many masters

Evelyn Fuqua

- From Sirius to Earth

Brian Tracy

- The succes in life

Beata Bishop

- The time for healing

Jami Lin

- Aromatherapy and feng shui

Dianne Lancaster

- The indigo children - from anger to love

Lisette Larkins

- Talking to alliens

Dr. Max Gerson

- An efficient therapy for cancer and other rough deseases

Drunvalo Melchizedek

- The sacred space of heart

Joan Borysenco

- Guilt is a teacher, love is a healer

Carmen Harra

- Decoding the destiny
- Signs, secrets and symbols

Kostas Danaos

- The mague of Iava

Robert Rabbin

- Put your soul in the things you are doing


- The wite book

James Twymann, Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue

- Inner peace

Steve Rother

- Welcome home. New planet Earth

Erik Pearl

- The recconnection

Daphne Rose Kingma

- Love yourself

Kenneth Wapnick

- A introduction to the Course in Miracles

Gloria Wendroff

- Letters from the sky

Maureen Moss

- Bliss

Aurelia Louise Jones

- Telos (1-3)

Elena Cocis, Erik Brglund

- The temple of change

John Perkins

- The forms' change

Dawn Baumann Brunke

- The voices of animals



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Oh wow... fantastic list Mariell

I have one off the top of my head that's not on your list.

Richard Bach - Illusions

Okay, great... I will remember that for the next time then...


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