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Master Hilarion

September 27 – October 3, 2009

Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I wish to touch upon the fact that you, the Lightworkers, have now stepped into the new Dimension and that it is just a matter of transmuting and releasing the last of that which is still embedded within your Being that you may not even be aware of, that needs to be observed, acknowledged, cleared, transmuted and released. This is an ongoing process, but many, many of you are well on your way to clearing your entire four body systems in preparation for integration with your Higher Self.

There is great joy in the Ascended Light Realms, and celebration that this accomplishment is being now implemented, for when each of you have fully hosted your Higher Self, the Earth will change dramatically, for each of you will be walking the Earth as a representative of the Christ Consciousness. This is something that is not given to many, it is something that is earned and it is also something that you already had before you came here. It was a conscious permission on your part to forget all that you truly are when you came to the Earth plane, in order that you may truly know what it is to live in the lower densities, so that when this time came upon the Earth in this auspicious time in the history of the Earth, each of you would be well versed in the ways of the Earth as an Earth Human and each of you have done that extremely well, and have truly forgotten your great glorious presences.

This is now in the process of being changed, this is now in the process of transformation. Each of you are transforming into the unlimited Beings that you truly are and the more that this happens and the more of you who can anchor your Higher Selves and great I AM Presences, the more the vibration on the Earth automatically undergoes a change, and so we say to you, that if you are worrying that you do not know what your mission is, or where you should be or what you should be doing, we say to you that it is not necessary, we say to you, continue to work upon yourselves, continue to raise your frequency levels, continue to cleanse and release all that does not resonate with that Higher Vision of integrating with your Higher Self and as this continues and as more and more Light comes into your physical self, more of your Light Body becomes activated.

The Earth and all upon Her will change. The vibration and the frequency level upon this Planet will rise to a higher level and all of Humanity, in turn, will rise along with that vibrational level and so, this is why you, the Lightworkers, are so important. You are the Ones who ARE changing the World by staying true to your disciplines, by honoring yourselves, by raising your vibrational frequency levels. You, in turn, bless the Earth and all upon Her and this has been a gradual process, but the more of you who cleanse and clear and release, and absorb and integrate more of your Light Bodies, your Light Beings, so the Earth and all upon Her are helped, for all that happens upon the Earth is in accordance with your visions, your decrees, your thoughts, words and deeds each day. It behooves each of you to remember this and act responsibly with all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Yes, you are clearing and cleansing and so, when it is time to cleanse, you will release verbally, mentally and even physically that which needs to released. Do not dwell upon this, acknowledge that you have now released it and that was the whole purpose of what has come forth, acknowledge it and release it and move forward, ever gaining in frequency and vibration.

The Light upon the Earth is growing in clarity and intensity. More and more work of transmutation has been occurring and is continuing to occur. This is the great Work at this time – to cleanse, transmute and heal. The Earth and all upon Her are enfolded in the Cosmic Energies, frequencies and Light. The Violet Transmuting Flame is in action continuously, as is the Emerald Green healing ray. There is a Golden Christ Light that surrounds all. There are many Galactic energies that are being beamed upon the Earth as Gifts for those who are willing to receive these Gifts, so I am making each of you aware, that if you desire to receive Gifts of knowledge, art forms, music forms and abilities, new technology, new ideas, then, Dear Ones, ask each day and let it be known that it is your intention to receive these Gifts and they shall be added unto you.

Your bodies are transforming. Your entire Beings are being changed from within, so realize that this is occurring and honor yourselves, honor your feelings, be in touch with your bodies, and if your body says rest, then rest. If your body and your mind desires to be out in nature, then honor that. and get out in nature, and partake of the Earth’s vibrations. The time now, Dear Ones, is to transmute, cleanse, release, receive, integrate and assimilate, so do continue on with this task. Do continue to be patient with yourselves and each other, and to understand that this is a process that the Earth and all upon the Earth are going through.

Along with you, each Being upon the Earth is going through it at their level of understanding, at their level of frequency, but all are being affected by these energies, all are being transformed. All is as it should be, all is continuing to go forth in great positivity. Keep ever your minds focused upon your goals, do not be distracted or turned from your Path by that which would set you in fear. and take you off your Path, for it is your sense of calm and centeredness, it is your anchoring the Light into the Earth, that is keeping the Earth in stability, that is keeping the energies that are leaping about at this time from Humanity. It is your stabilizing energies that are making a difference.

Understand that each Soul is choosing the way that they shall go, whether they consciously understand this or not, they are. Send each Being around you Love and Light, breathe and remain calm. Start your morning in gratitude and fill your days with thoughts of joy and the appreciation of the beauty that is around you, that surrounds you. the beauty of nature, the beauty of the Earth Herself, the beauty of the Souls that surround you each day in your Circle of Love. Be thankful, and know that beyond the Earth we of the Higher Realms, and the Angelic Realms, surround each of you with our Love and our Light and wait for you, Beloved People of Earth, to call upon us, more than you do. We are ready, able and willing to be of assistance, not only in your personal lives but in being called into action to help in Earth situations, to help in cleansing the Earth. We are here to assist, call upon us!

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Thank YOU for this Loving and Positive Message ~ Love and Blessings!!! :)


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