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Master Hilarion

September 13 – 20, 2009

Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I wish to discuss with you all, the concept of working within the New Energies that are pouring down upon the Earth at this time. These are very powerful energies and some of you have been and will be feeling a little nauseous at times as this Energy continues to permeate every cell and atom of your Beings, and as this occurs, there is a slight feeling of nausea that occurs. This is a continuous ongoing process and as it continues, the feeling of nausea will leave, also, you might be finding yourselves having moments of dizzy spells. This, too, shall pass, Dear Ones. Continue each day to raise your frequency levels as high as you can go. It is very important to do this at this time, not only for your own comfort, but also to help in raising the vibrational level of the mass consciousness of Humanity upon the Earth.

At this time it is the great focus that we are working upon, for as we cleanse and transmute the mass consciousness of Humanity and dissolve the crystallized negative thoughtforms of fear and lack and every other negative, limiting quality that has kept each Human Being in bondage for thousands and thousands of years and we from the Spiritual Hierarchy are asking for your assistance. Call down the Violet Flame of Transmutation each day, repeat it as many times as you have time for, in your cycles of seven, or eleven, or even, thirty-three. It is of inestimable value at this time.

Send your Love to this crystallized mass consciousness grid, directing all your energies into transmuting this with Love and Light and Compassion, for Humanity at this time, who have not yet Awakened, are in the throes of facing their greatest fears, worries, doubts and it is looking to each of them, as though the World has gone mad. Those of you who have been disciplining yourselves, who are the Lightworkers, you have gone through your disciplines, transmuted most of this out of your systems now, it is just a matter of ‘fine tuning’, as it is termed.

Now is the time that each of you can add greatly to transforming your Earth on a daily basis. The changes that are occurring are happening so much more quicker than ever before. Every day there are so many changes that are occurring within each of you and within the Earth and in her atmosphere. In every part of Her, there are changes that are occurring, and all the Kingdoms upon the Earth and all the Kingdoms of Nature upon the Earth are all working together in unison. We are all working to transform your beautiful Planet into the great Being of Light that she truly is.

Humanity must be released from this controlling grid of mass consciousness, Humanity must break through into the Light, into a different way of viewing things around them and as this is accomplished, the walls of illusion around each Human Being will be dissolved, the walls of glamour and maya will be seen for what it is, and as this happens, mass Awakenings will begin to occur. Be assured, Beloved Lightworkers, that the masses of Humanity ARE on the brink of Awakening.

Each of you have noticed since 9-9-9, the greater infusion of the New Energy within your systems. Your heart feels as though it is expanding, as though you are filled with Helium or Air, and this feeling comes and goes, and I wish to inform you that this feeling that you are experiencing is your Higher Self, your Great I AM Presence integrating more fully with you into your heart centers, into your physical bodies and surrounding you, and as this continues to occur each day, you will notice that you are being guided unmistakably by this Presence within your heart.

You will notice that when you are in contact with someone of a lesser vibrational frequency or someone who does not wish you well, you will feel this instantly within your heart. There will be a pain and you will know that this means that the energies or the person that you are in contact with is not the best energy to surround yourselves with. On the positive side, you will notice as you practice your daily disciplines, that this feeling within your heart grows and expands and this can be helped to expand by picturing and decreeing that you are a Cosmic Sun’s Presence and picture a Golden Sun’s Presence, a great sphere of Golden Light within your heart chakra growing and expanding, sparkling and scintillating with pure crystalline Golden Light, Golden White Light. This is of immense benefit, if you can manage to do this for a few moments each day. It has an exponential effect.

We also see and notice since the infusion of higher energies, that there are many who are approaching many of you with their issues, with their negativities. These are those who have not Awakened, these are those who have not yet learned to take responsibility, full responsibility for themselves, for their thoughts, actions, words and deeds, and indeed, some have yet to realize that they are the Creators of the circumstances of their lives, and they feel as though they are victims, and that someone else is always to blame. It is advisable at this time, Beloved Ones, to send these individuals your greatest Love and absent yourselves from them.

Have compassion, Dear Ones, for them, but know that it is a no win situation for you, for these individuals have not yet comprehended their own power at the most basic levels and all that you will do, if you try to give them assistance is become mired in their dramas and their issues and thereby lose the momentum that you have gained so dearly by your daily practices.

Even though we say that you are becoming One and that we are all One, at this particular moment in the Earth’s history each Lightworker must protect themselves, for you are still not in a place of detachment from the sufferings of others and therefore, you can quite easily fall prey and become enmeshed in their dramas and issues so very quickly and this is why I bring this to your attention.

Find that which gives you pleasure and enjoyment and do those things. Laugh each day, Beloved Ones, look at the World in humor, look at yourselves with humor, for are we not Wondrous Beings? Each of us so unique, each of us here to give our greatest talents, skills and abilities to the World. The New World awaits.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion
©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Thank YOU for This GREAT MESSAGE OF LOVE :-))) !!! ~ In Gratitude and LOVE ~

Madelaine, Thank you for This and ALL your postings. They are so very important in these last days. The messages carry with them, perfect Love!! As you are and as I am. Much Love to you Madelaine. Love Always, Virginia (I can always feel your very beautiful energy).
Thank You Madelaine, I truly appreciate your work and discipline and most of all your radiating of divine virtues. We shall ascend to the next level of higher conciousness together. Always with love and light!! And so it is!!


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