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Sanat Kumara: Stay in Your Equilibrium

02 Augustus 2009 | 06:48:31

August 1, 2009

Beloved Ones,

I am coming through this day to speak with you about all the great energies that will be coming through in this month of August. It is a time of great intensification of these energies and there is much that is occurring in the Celestial Realms in this month and so I am asking each of you Beloved Ones to hold fast to your Light, hold fast to the Light of God that never fails, hold fast in anchoring your Light upon the Earth and intend to be perfectly balanced within yourselves, for this is very needed and very important at this time.

As the Gateways are opened during the first week of August, there is great potential to fully establish the Light upon the Earth, to bring peace, balance and harmony to the Earth. Know that all Lightworkers who answer this, my Call, will be contributing greatly in these times. Stay in your equilibrium, Beloved Ones, intend each morning to be a shining Light for the Earth. You are established as transducers for the Cosmic Light and these coming weeks, your assistance, your voluntary assistance will be greatly required, and we from the Higher Light Realms give our great gratitude and Love and blessings that you are willing to give of yourselves in this way.

Know that, as each of you travels through the highways and byways of your Planet Earth, the Cosmic Light is being transmuted through you into the Earth. Wherever you are, you impart this to your Brothers and Sisters, wherever you are, you create and transmute peace, harmony, and balance. Each of you have worked very hard and continue to do so when you are not fully occupied with integrating the New Energies and frequencies, for these Energies have been taking their toll upon each of you in myriad ways, different ways. Each of you are receiving down pourings of the Cosmic Christ Light, according to where it is needed to move you forward on your Path of Light.

Each of you have proven yourselves, have shown your faith and perseverance, have shown your commitment to BE Light. I am pleased with the efforts that have been and continue to be made. I am so pleased to see the Worldwide participation in the calls for meditation. This work is invaluable in bringing stability and harmony to the Earth, to the center of the Earth, to all upon the Earth, and as you continue in this way through the month of August, great good is being accomplished.

Hold the Vision of the World that you desire, hold the Vision of Peace, of Harmony, of Goodwill amongst all your Brothers and Sisters. Hold the Vision, Dear Ones, and call upon we of the Planet Venus to continuously pour down the Love Light Energy from the Planet Venus. It is a beautiful Fuschia color, visualize this each day, pouring through you into the center of the Earth, anchoring into Her Great Crystal in the crystalline core. This helps immeasurably. We from the Planet Venus pour down this great Love Energy at this time with the greatest Creator Love in the Universe.

We Love each of you, we thank each of you, Dear Children of Light. Well done! Keep on keeping on!

I AM Sanat Kumara

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Sanat is also new to me. I am curious about the mentioning of the planet Venus..Thank you for this! love, light & cheers, mlp


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