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Mother Mary* Time Of Empowerment

Submitted by GoddessLight on 1 August 2009 - 6:50am.
Samarah Joy Riely

Messages from Mother Mary

"Time Of Empowerment"

My Dearest Family,
Do not despair dear ones. The time is nearly here for the changes you have sought and prayed for and indeed paid for. Though it may look dark and difficult, the clean up of all that has dissuaded you and distracted you from the world you seek, is nearing completion.

There has been darkness and desolation, fear and compromise, doubt and galloping fear. We have seen it all and heard your cries for help and relief. It is not that we did not hear. It is not that we chose to ignore your pleas. It is that this is your time to really feel and know your own power and capacity. It is the time of your empowerment. Therefore all we could do is hold you in our embrace and send you the currents of change, of strength, of courage and of choice.

You held on and you endured. You found the courage of your convictions and the strength of your soul integrity. You began to choose according to an inner knowing, ignoring the outer "evidence" that would have led you back into the past and into old patterns that no longer serve the life you are building. You preserved through the difficulties and all that would have kept you from your greatness.

It is time now for the final clearing and to activate the axis and the matrix of your new templates. You are to merge your soul self and your human self so that you may live and work and be as the manifestation of your brilliance and Christed light. The axis is your connection to Spirit and to earth. Now you will know the truth and be set free to live from that axis of knowing: free of judgment and concern; free to be; free to live; free to love; and free to choose.

You have set yourself free to follow a new compass that will guide you now to an alignment with only that which expresses love. Centuries based on an axis of fear are crumbling into dust. It is this rubble that you have been clearing from your hearts and minds and bodies. You have been disassembling the patterns of reaction based on fight or flight.

What is the new axis and what will it mean for your life and for the creations to come? Imagine a world built from compassion and cooperation. Imagine a world built from sufficiency rather than lack. Imagine a world where education allows each person to explore and nurture their gifts that they might offer them fully into the world and be supported and appreciated for their spectacular and very unique essence. Imagine a world where every form of life has a vote and a value. Imagine a world where decisions are made based on how well they serve the current and future generations quality of life. Imagine a world where you are seen and heard and appreciated and needed. Imagine a world where the boundaries of color and country and religion inspire curiosity and openness and a desire to share and learn. Imagine your part in all of this and imagine well my dear ones, for it is from your desires and dreams and actions that the new will emerge.

Courage dear ones, it is time for courage. You have the capacity. You have the strength. Now you must build the vision. Clear away any rubble that remains and holds you hostage. Reach out and help those around you that they may feel and know the support that is here. Pray together, share your hopes. Release your fears and stand tall in the knowing that you came to be here at this time to bring in the new world. You came to dance and you came to play. You came to rejoice and to exalt. You came to bear witness to the birth of this new paradigm: a world built from the power of love.

You came to build the garden once called Eden and stand united in the garden of brotherhood. The human heart filled with the wisdom and light of Spirit can birth this new earth.

I Am With You and We Await You,

Mother Mary
Offered Through Samarah
©July, 2009


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Hi Madelaine, I'm just learning about the other Ascended Masters, but, I've somehow always been drawn to Mother Mary and Jeshua(I read that this is how Jesus is also called, in a book called "Love Without End" by Glenda Green) Thank you for this post, I'll have a read. love, light & cheers, mlp
WOW there sure are many!!:-)))Ah..Padre Pio too!(although I recognize his face I do not know much about him except I heard that he could bi-locate.) Bless your heart, Madelaine, and thank you for this! love & light, mlp


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