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February 7-14, 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

I want to speak about the deep work that each of you have been doing within yourselves. We see so much cleansing and the purifying of your minds and consciousness occurring. You have come to the point now of greater unification with your Divine Self. Each of you have been spending more of your time each day in great contemplation and unification with all aspects of yourselves that are coming into alignment. This is excellent for it means that you are all firmly committed to your Ascension process and will dedicate your time and efforts and focus to this.

On the World scene at this time, much is being played out and life on Earth continues to unfold all that must come forth and be brought to the attention of each Human heart and as this happens, the heart opens to the greater Light and realization that you are the Creator manifesting upon the Earth and if not you, then who? For it is you who is creating the great changes upon the Earth by each choice and decision that you make, by each action you take, by each breath you take and each thought that you think. It is beginning to sink in, that along with the opening of your spiritual gifts and talents, comes the self responsibility to create the highest and the best for all concerned, so that all may enjoy peace upon your Planet and also take part in the joy of life in expression.

All about you life moves forward, even though it appears to be the opposite. Underneath all the seeming opposites a greater union is taking place and Oneness is occurring. At the levels of spirit, all hearts are uniting and working in concert, it is now only a matter of time before greater Light within all hearts explodes within and encompasses all within its radiance. The wheel of life turns as all is brought to Oneness of Life, and a greater understanding of this is now coming forth. There is a connection that exists beyond all time, all borders, all beliefs, all races and the threads of Light are coalescing into a greater and greater Whole. The radiance that emanates from the Earth is reaching further and further out into the Cosmos and the brilliance of spaceship Earth is becoming brighter and brighter in the Heavens.

Each of you is being guided to what you need at each moment in order to facilitate greater growth so that your heart opens in ever greater unfoldment, like the petals of a rose, a beautiful rose of purity and impeccability. All that used to hold your attention is now falling away and you are beginning to discern that which is of importance on your journey and focusing more and more upon that. We have noticed in the past week, a great determination and focus upon that which you want. Each of you has been contemplating and refining your ‘wish list’, even if you don’t think so at this time, to we of the Higher realms it is readily apparent, because, Dear Ones, of the brilliance of your Light. We understand that growth is not always pleasant whilst going through it, but in retrospect, the value of it is seen and understood and appreciated and so it is with this process.

The Planet Earth has opened up to the whole Universe and all of Creation rejoices and celebrates this momentous occasion. There are ceremonies of joy and celebration taking place within all sectors of this Universe and beyond. There is much happiness and thanksgiving within the hearts of all who have waited for this time through the eons. Humankind has once again joined with the rest of the Universe and much that was not known will be coming forth. That which was a mystery will be coming forth for enlightenment, clarification and completion. This will be an ongoing process and filled with great excitement for all, for when Humanity begins to understand the enormity of what has transpired, the greater Awakening will occur and so, life will become enjoyable and meaningful and sacred to all once again. This is a glorious time for all upon the Earth and indeed to all of Creation. The remembrance of the glory and majesty that you are will now come forth in trickles that will build to a great stream of consciousness and will bless the Earth and all upon Her. Your places in the annals of the history of this cycle are clearly written and you are each honored, appreciated and admired for the great work you are doing.

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Thank YOU for These UpLifting Messages Maelaine ~ Love and Blessings to YOU for Spreading the Light :0) !!!


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