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Wake up Call: Hatonn + St.Germain

Aug 25, 09

My dear one, I am Hatonn, and I am here in the stead of St. Germain, for he sent me to answer your call. He will address this at the end of the message, but first he is tending to something that is indeed relevant to your questions that have arisen today. As we wind down to the end of this time on earth, we do so with the full knowledge that something is amiss in the annals of the history of earth. We see that there is a decided reverence to the ambiguity with which we have all been taught to go forward and lead ourselves through life with a dedication to courage and to the rightness of what our minds tell us.

Right now we are facing a time in earth history that is seeming to be repeating itself. What we want you all to know, and to know it well, is that this is a time when all is in the pot and is being brought forth bit by bit, piece by piece and taken into consideration for the outcome of the sending forth of the messages that are upon us today.

As the total awareness is being exposed to the people who have asked for their semblance of truth in these days of opening, we are seeing a common thread woven through all of them that says that there is but one more elevation that is to come before the end times of the old times are come to pass. The end times of the old times ushers in the new times and the new way of being on earth. We are telling you now that as the old times spit out their debris and render the heart of Gaia free and clear, we are readying ourselves for the upliftment that all of life on earth is about to bring to Gaia and to the ending of the times as they were. You my dear ones are the ones who will uplift all of life on earth, and you will do so with our support from where we sit in your hearts and above your planet.

We are here to give you our love and our support in the way that a family does as they sit in the audience and applaud their beloveds as they go forth and present their finest hour on the stage of life. We are here to see that all goes as has been rehearsed and that there is no interference in what you present to the universe and what you send out to the people who are with you in this presentation that will change your world. You will experience this in an instant, and then as your duality world winds down it will seem as if the instant drags out in the appreciation that is coming from us. Yes, our appreciation will be on the lips of all of us and in the hearts of all of you as you tune in to our spoken words that come from the incidence of your actions. You are soon to come to the realization that the unification of mankind can only come through the hearts and minds of each of you as you stand forth and see what has been given to you as a means for tightening the belts of all who have come to this moment in time and seen the recipe for the successful emergence of the earth angels and their respective roles in this final curtain on the old duality stage.

As you live out these final times and ready yourselves for the blossoming forth of the new times, the new way of being on earth, you will find that from moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, there will be a grand awareness that will multiply tenfold. That awareness will reflect that which is given by your own inner conflict, and will transform that conflict to a harmonic that will grow and will become the way of being that will transform you and your world, so that by the time the energies of 2012 come into the events of your moment there will be a new way of expressing that which you now feel will come to pass.

I tell you now that what is to come may, for some, bring fear and apprehension for a moment in time. We are here to say that at that moment everything will change. All that will seem to be happening will evolve in a moment and in that moment a choice will be made by all of humanity, on an individual basis. What that choice creates in that moment is what your individual world will look like and be for the rest of time. What comes from that choice in that moment will determine how you will live your lives and how you will create your world from then on into infinity.

It is your world, and it is your choice. You are the creators of this new paradigm in which you will be living. Realize that as you arrive at the moment in time, you will have already decided your next world and the potential it holds for you, for it will be your choice as to which anti-matter world you will be living. Will you choose love, positive anti-matter, or will you choose fear, negative anti-matter? Most of you already know consciously. Some of you are not sure, or are not aware of what your choice will be. Or even that you have a choice. Here is what I am here to tell you that in these next moments in time, these next events of earth experience, you will be given all of the assistance, guidance and support that is possible and that you ask for. It is your time, and we are here for you in the capacity of your family of the cosmos and of earth.

I give you now St. Germain, for he has some words for you at this time. I leave you with this thought; Take the best that you can imagine for your life, and know that you already have it. All you need do is know it, and see yourself expressing it in any way that you choose. You are powerful beyond your present belief. Know it and you are already there.

St. Germain: My dear ones, my words this day are few, and they are solidly in love to you. I am here today to tell you of an upcoming event that will to some seem familiar and to some seem as foreign as what is out in the cosmos. I am here to tell you that in the next span of time there will be an event that will seem to be something that in reality it is not. I want you to remember that as you open your eyes and ears and see and hear what is being broadcast that is geared to thrown fear once more into the hearts of mankind.

I am here to tell you that what you can do to avert the intended response is to see it as something that is set into place that will bring about the necessary shift to earth and mankind. This is what has been told through the ages as the time of no time. This is what will bring about the crater that will forever transform earth and her inhabitants and will bring about that choice that Hatonn speaks of. I advise that all of you see what will be coming as something that is being played on a different stage that the one in which you sit as part of the audience. I suggest that you realize that the performance is one designed for the purpose of persuading you to the lie that you are part of the ending that has been written into this performance that they bring you.

You are not a part of that which is not in your field of intention. You have the power to see that your world is full of love and full of promise for the rest of your expression in this existence. You have the power to transform anything that is not to your liking and that does not fit into your field of intent. You have the ability to rise above all that is not included in your plan for your new world of being. I am here now to tell you that you have already overcome and risen above many things that you see as not being a part of your world. I applaud you, and I tell you now that we are all here with you, and are ready to celebrate with you on the coming of the new way of being in this planetary world that is beginning anew, with love and freedom, self-empowerment, and peace of mind, joyous revelation and harmony for all.

I go now and sit by while you sing your songs of freedom and love for all time. Go now into your new day of creation and see us all with every glimpse into your real self.

Thank you Hatonn and St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

Hatonn: No matter what happens in the outside world, peace will see you through it with a gladdened heart and a sureness of being.

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